Friday, April 29, 2011

Hey You!

Hey you! Yeah you! No, no, no.... Not the person next to you. Do you beta? Do you know someone who does? Well, here's your chance to shine! We're going to try something new with this contest, Seductively Sexy. We have a page just for Beta's. So if your normal Beta is the judge (Yes, sorry Megan, can't help ya) you can come to this page, check out our Beta readers and get your story edited. However, this page is for beta's only doing the contest, anything else is worked out between the author and beta. For those of you who are interested in signing up please go here. For anyone who is interested in the contest, please go here. We even have a playlist to help the....... juices flow. Enjoy the site, and hope to see your entry! Good luck!

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