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Advocated! "Bluebird" by @meliz875

"Bluebird" by meliz875
Embry & Bella, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, AU-NM, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: Bella and Jacob are together but an unforeseen tragedy rips them apart and Jacob leaves La Push. In his absence, Bella befriends and is comforted by the person she least expects. Will Jacob return? Can Bella imagine her life with someone she never considered a choice? Some Bella/Jacob. *Nominated for two JBNP Awards and one Emerging Swan Award*

How the hell does a broken heart
Get back together when it's torn apart
Teach itself to start beating again

— Bluebird by Christina Perri

In a world where vampires are more than campfire tales and werewolves prowl the forest after dark, meliz875 weaves a stunningly realistic tale of resiliency of the human heart, showing us how much the fantastical doesn't matter when there are emotions on the line. With a an entrancing tone, she creates a poignant image of grief and redemption; she makes you fall in love, just so she can tear your heart apart and sew it back together again.

Most love triangles are not equilateral. One side, from the very beginning is the clear winner. In the first chapter of "Bluebird," we're shown a beautiful scene of Jake and Bella, of Jake and his two best friends, his brothers, and of his proud father who loves them all. It's set so realistically, the picture painted so vividly, that I found myself checking the pairing listed at the top. And then, she rips that perfect little world apart, one instance causing ripples to ring out and change the world for them all.

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Vouched Book! "The Beginning" (The Four #1) by Margaret Millimore

Clare had an ideal life. She lived in the perfect little town, had a great family and four of the best friends in the world. She also had nightmares, nightmares that plagued her for almost a decade. But these are not ordinary nightmares; they are premonitions, warnings of what is to come and what she will become.

She discovers that she isn’t alone in these vile dreams; her friends are having them too. They are dreaming of their ancestors and their own future... The discovery of their destiny and the future they must embrace is shocking and terrifying.

"The Four" series summary: They do exist and they always have. They live, love, and work amongst us and they are part of us. But they are different too, they are stronger and they live longer. They are the topic of many books, movies and myths, but their existence remains a secret, not everyone would accept them. And like us, they have those that are simply evil. Keeping these evil ones under control is the price they must pay to continue the lives they love. They must protect their human brethren from the Dark Ones, those that would rather kill than preserve.

Century after century the good battled the Dark Ones, always prevailing and preserving the lives of their beloved humans. In the 17th century, two powerful Dark leaders emerged, they organized their forces and a bitter war ensued. It was a fight to the death and the good thought they’d won. Four warriors led the battle, four warriors whose strength was beyond anything they knew, four warriors whose legacy had to be protected…

The good formed a consortium and with the help of a powerful sorcerer, a spell was cast; a spell that would follow the warriors’ lineage in case their power was needed again. The warriors are long dead, but their heirs are not, and now they must fight. The Dark Ones have re-emerged, they are more powerful, more resourceful and they want to control mankind and the world.

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Publisher: World Castle Publishing

Four friends grow up together having the same dreams. With the help of a close, mutual friend, they set to find out what it means—only to learn about their destinies they have absolute no control over. They will change into paranormal beings whether they want to or not, and each of their roles are paramount to the races.

While it's not a new concept, I did find the story and ancestry aspects intriguing. The Peruvian, English, and Irish heritages of the characters certainly added flavor. The symbols and their origins, though not unique, were also interesting with the family history timelines.

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V Wicked Tease – 10/25

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Chapter 3 of "Simply Fate" by Vampgirl79 **Alice & Bella**
Chapter 9 of "Spinal Cord" by Midnight Ariel **Jasper & Alice**

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Vouched Book! Éire's Captive Moon by Sandi Layne

Éire’s Captive Moon, the first book of Sandi Layne’s Éire’s Viking Trilogy, brings you to the unsettled era of the early Viking raids along the coast of Éire—today’s Ireland.

A wounded refugee from the violent Viking raids on Éire’s coast is healed so well by Charis of Ragor that Agnarr captures the moon-pale woman for his own and takes her home to Nordweg to be his slave.

Also captured is Cowan, a warrior gifted with languages. He is drawn to the healer of Ragor and finds himself helpless before her. In more ways than one!

Through the winter, Charis plans a fitting vengeance upon her captor for the men he killed. She also prepares to return to Éire and the children she left behind.

But will her changing feelings interfere with these plans? When two men vie for her heart, will she give way before either—or both?

Find it: January 10, 2013 on TWCS Publishing House (Other retailers TBA)
Find Sandi Layne on: Her Website | Twitter | Facebook
Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House


From the very first page, Éire's Captive Moon transports the reader to the shores of Éire (Ireland) during the early Viking raids in late Antiquity. I was immediately drawn in to the time and setting with the beautiful starting prose on nature and the land, on the Irish people, culture, and mythology; it lends a mystical air that almost feels more fantastical than historical, for the story seems otherworldly as Achan, a male healer, traverses through the forest and is drawn to a cave, where Charis, the female protagonist, is born.

Years later, Charis is married and leading a peaceful life as a healer when red-striped sails appear on the horizon and her village of Ragor and the nearby monastery are raided for treasure and slaves—Charis being one of them. Agnarr Halvardson claims her for his own personal medicine woman as well as sex slave, while his overlord, Tuirgeis, captures a Christian (and local prince) named Cowan to serve as a trading translator.

After watching her village demolished and both her husbands killed by Angarr, Charis sails with the Vikingr to their home in Nordweg, along with Cowan and the few remaining whom are sold along the way. Cowan, like so many others, is captivated by Charis’s moonbeam hair and ethereal beauty. But while he is attempting to stay alive and learn what God has planned for him as a slave to the foreign overlord, Charis plans her revenge on her master and how to get back to the children she hid and left behind in Éire.

Then an invasion from another band of warriors brings Cowan and Charis closer together in Nordweg—as well as she to Agnarr.

My love for the characters is one of the things that astonishes me most about this book. They are charismatic, consistent, and so well written that I can’t help but like them even when I feel I shouldn’t. Agnarr with his raping and pillaging, Tuirgeis with his shrewd observations, Charis’s outwardly cold demeanor and immovable views, Cowan’s resignation and forgiving nature—aspects that are either deplorable or frustrating, and yet, I still rooted for each person and couldn’t decide a side. While I knew who the “enemy” was, my heart was torn. Not everything—if anything—is black and white, whether pertaining to theology or mythology, one country or another, one man to the other.

Sandi Layne delivered a spectacular, action-packed book that not only encompassed such a theme (in my opinion) but also showed a journey with authenticity. It wasn’t only history but what could be a version of an untold story—rich with details. The research that must have gone into this book—from herbolism to sailing, the geography to the battle sequences, the various cultures and the languages (which Sandi Layne brilliantly weaved and transcended across the barriers)—it still astounds me! I’d recommend Éire's Captive Moon to anyone who loves Historical Fiction with a dash of Romance and (maybe) a little Fantasy-esque feel. As a lover of all three genres, I'm putting Éire's Captive Moon on my favorite shelf.

Thank you to Sandi Layne and to the publisher, The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House, for allowing me the pleasure to read the ARC of Éire's Captive Moon. I’ve found a new series to fan-girl all over and am (impatiently) looking forward to the rest.

LUV'NV Rating: Rating as 10/19/2012: Not yet available

Éire's Captive Moon will be available on January 10, 2013,
with the book trailer released on November 29, 2012.
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Vouched Book! "Night of the Purple Moon" by Scott Cramer

The epidemic strikes only those who have passed through puberty.

Abby Leigh is looking forward to watching the moon turn purple. For months, astronomers have been predicting that Earth will pass through the tail of a comet. They say that people will see colorful sunsets and, best of all, a purple moon.

But nobody has predicted the lightning-fast epidemic that sweeps across the planet on the night of the purple moon. The comet brings space dust with it that contains germs that attack human hormones. Older teens and adults die within hours of exposure.

On a small island off the coast of Maine, Abby must help her brother and baby sister survive in this new world, but all the while she has a ticking time bomb inside of her—adolescence.

Find it on: Amazon | Barnes and Noble
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Publisher: Independently published

Intense and compelling, Night of the Purple Moon shocked and blew me away. Despite that it's a bit more MG (Middle-Grade or Middle School) than I anticipated, the story is gripping—one of the most I've read all year.

Astronomical phenomenons have drawn people around the world since the beginning of time, creating excitement or unease, maybe even both. Night of the Purple Moon starts out no different. The world prepares for Earth to pass through the tail of a comet—for when the moon will be dusted in vibrant purple. It's the color of the week, the topic of the decade—in school, in news and advertisements, in and on food.

But no one has predicted the epidemic that the space dust brings: Death to those who are exposed and have reached adolescence.

With no living adults in sight, only the bodies of their parents and those of their small island community, a group of kids learn how to survive, growing up quickly but, hopefully, not too quickly—as they await for the inevitable ... puberty.

And the biological clock is ticking. Fast. The chapters are marked by the passage of time—the first few are the days after entering the comet's tail, then months, and ending back on a handful of days. After the third chapter, I couldn't put the book down. It's very well written, original, and a fast read.

With a young cast of amazing characters and a stunning, non-purple—but no less palpable—prose, Scott Cramer created an unforgettable book, differentiating it from others in the same, currently hot YA genres, Dystopia and Post-Apocalyptic. I'd recommend this to young and ... more mature readers alike.

Thank you to Scott Cramer and to The Readdicts blog for holding a giveaway. I can't imagine winning a more stellar book—and that's not because I might never win another giveaway. I truly enjoyed Night of the Purple Moon and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

LUV'NV Rating: Rating as 10/15/2012: 4.4 out of 5 stars

The Kindle version of Night of the Purple Moon will be free October 17th and 18th!
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New Stories from V Featured Authors

Check out the new Twilight fics from V featured authors that you might have missed.

"Somewhere I Belong" by TwilightMommyof4girls

Emmett & Bella, Romance, Drama, AH, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: A match made in heaven, or maybe hell, pushed to it's limits. Is love enough to survive the small town of Forks, Washington? Short chapters - updating daily.

"Flawed Fairy Tale" by SparklingFae & NCChris

Paul & Bella, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: When Paul imprints on the one person he hates more than any other, can this flawed fairy tale ever have a happy ending?

"Come Away With Me" by kerigocrazy

Embry & Quil, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Slash, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: One wolf with no last name and another bonded for life to a toddler. Can they lean on each other when no one else cares, and fight for each other when nothing else matters? Judges Choice 1st Place Winner in the Slash Backslash 4.0 contest.

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V Wicked Tease – 10/11

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Chapter 6 of "The Academy of New Beginnings" by LolaCullenx **Edward & Bella**
Chapter 8 of "Spinal Cord" by Midnight Ariel **Jasper & Alice**

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Chapter 66 of "The Body Artist" by quietdrabble **Edward & Bella**
Chapter 33 of "Monster" by The.Bloody White.Wolf.xoxo **Emmett & OC**
Chapter 1 of "Simply Fate" by Vampgirl79 **Alice & Bella**

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Vouched Book! "The Urchin" by @AdrianneAmbrose

Since the End came, leaving the United States a confused and desolate wasteland, what is left of society has been trying to pick up the pieces and put itself back together. Nick Miller is willing to do whatever it takes and is flying a top-secret mission over the devastation when he is forced to make a crash landing. Luckily, he is rescued by the brooding, enigmatic Vance Amherst and his dubious crew of teenage boys, who are eking out an existence in the remains of their boarding school. But Nick quickly realizes that something is very wrong at Stanton Academy: the school has been turned into a fortress bristling with giant spikes; the boys, armed to the teeth with wooden stakes, exude a desperate, fearful discipline; the teaching staff is conspicuously absent. And night is falling…

Find it on: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo Books
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Adrianne Ambrose gave me a copy of The Urchin which thrilled me to no end because she is one of my favorite up and coming authors! I adore that she creates characters who are smart and relatable, regardless of their age, sex, or circumstance.

The Urchin is a departure from her previous books—the darkness is palpable. I love the spare, dystopian world that the residents of The Urchin inhabit.

Within the first few sentences of The Urchin, the reader learns that there has been cataclysmic change—the world as we know it no longer exists. Nick, a pilot, is on his way to New Washington when he is forced to make an emergency landing in a barren, hostile wasteland that appears to be empty of human existence.

The tell-tale sound of squeaky bicycles alerts Nick that he is not alone. The rag-tag bunch of boys who find him take him back to The Urchin. The Urchin is one of the last standing buildings in the area. It is a school turned fortress, by necessity the last line of defense between the boys who survived The End and the enemies who lurk in darkness.

Once Nick is inside The Urchin we meet Vance, the defacto leader of the surviving boys of the Stanton Military Academy. Vance is the heart of the novel. He is The Urchin—it is his guidance and leadership that keeps the boys alive. It is his story that tugs at your heart. It is his strategy and decisions that keep you surprised.

If Vance is the heart of the story, Johnny is its soul. Johnny is charismatic, thoughtful, funny, and is able to lift everyone's spirits. Vance and Johnny are best friends. Together, they lead the survivors of The End. Unfortunately, Johnny was attacked on a scouting mission and became a vampire. While "vamping out" should have marked the end of their friendship, Vance and Johnny not only remain friends but continue to work together to keep the kids alive.

Vance and Johnny are compelling characters in the present. They gain depth and humanity in the generous flashbacks that occur throughout the story. Honestly, it is through the flashbacks that you fall a little in love with them and become invested in their continued survival.

It is the strength of their friendship that gives the story its most significant twist.

I loved this book! I read it in a single sitting—I was completely engaged from the first page to the last. This is definitely a book that I will come back to and read again.

You know those books you finish and can't stop thinking about for days afterward? Yeah, The Urchin is one of them. With the story's shocking—yet somewhat-expected-but-I-quickly-brushed-aside-the-thought—ending, I had to sit and stew, to let my spinning mind calm before I could write a review. And my mind is still reeling.

The story is basic in terms of the Post-Apocalyptic genre: The country, maybe even the world, is riddled with known and unknown pandemics; people are stranded and suffering, just trying to get by; villains and protagonists—both, irreproachable because you can understand their reasoning considering the circumstances; coups and alliances, etc.

But Adrianne Ambrose's storytelling is the clincher. She captured the voices of multiple teenage boys, all of whom are different. I could feel each from the pages, as well as the relationships.

Vance, the incredibly smart, firm yet selfless, seventeen-year-old leader of a rag-tag team of young boys, is the rock of The Urchin—the book and the place. I think of him as the rational dreamer—doing what he must, when he must, while being moral. He drives not only the heart of these stranded boys but the story, along with his best friend, Johnny. Their present interaction mixing with pre-End flashbacks of their relationship, as well as Vance's with his brother, set a "Before" and "After" theme, in which memory and the spirit of someone becomes the glue and motivator for the characters and the readers.

I eventually found myself even liking Nick, the realistic outsider who fell from the sky and turned The Urchin upside down. Because of him, I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book when I first started it, but he grew as a person—and on me—while staying in character.

And that's the funny thing. As I read, I wasn't expecting to be over the moon about this book. I don't know when or how, but my love for it snuck up on me like a vampire—I mean, a thief—in the night. It's not action-packed, and there are some editing errors, but I was riveted. I'd recommend it to anyone, really. It's going on my "would-read-again" shelf.

Thank you to darcysmom for recommending it to me. One day, she and I might just have to do a Read-Along on Twitter.

Adrianne Ambrose is giving away free Kindle copies of The Urchin to the first 20 requests. All you have to do is email her at with your email address and the subject line as "I'd LUV me an Urchin."
Please remember to send the author some LUV by leaving a review. Happy reading, everyone!

LUV'NV Rating: Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Vouched Book! "Clockwork Blue" by Gloria Harchar

Mission... Impossible: The pixies' mission—if Allegro and Glissando are to accept it—is to secure the future of a troubled England. To achieve this, the Earl of Falconwood, better known as the Black Falcon, must marry Nicola Moore. Never mind the woman is a hoyden who makes the most atrocious hats decorated with machine parts, which she then dyes with her famous Clockwork Blue. And certainly forget the earl is atoning for his brother's death by purposely hovering on the fringes of the ton. Add to the mix Glissando's tendency to slip to the side of the Mrasek, the ones who work to free the evil Lord Sethos. But Maestro depends on the pixies—for better or for worse. To release the magic trapped in the Clockwork Blue dye—a magic that will safeguard England's future—Malcolm and Nicola must not only wed, but they must also fall in love

Find it on: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords
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Enchanting and charming, Clockwork Blue starts in the clouds, right above England during France and Britain's shaky Treaty of Amiens, with faeries discussing a mission to get two outwardly different humans to fall in love. "This union has to do with Britain's success in winning and how the country will overcome the aftermath of war. Everything hinges on the Clockwork Blue"—a particular dye developed by the female protagonist, Nicola Moore.

Like Allegro, one of the faeries, you might ask: "How can dye and love—things that are so trivial—have an effect on something huge?" Though you'll get the answer early enough, its the small details and significance of the color and dye to the characters that adds mystery and a little more depth. While wondering how sweet, independent Nicola and the mysterious Malcolm (a.k.a. the Black Falcon) will come to terms, their individual histories and aspirations complimented the story and rounded it off nicely.

Courtesy of the author, I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed it—tremendously—but have to say it's more historical romance mixed with fantasy than anything else (in my opinion). Other than steam-engine cars instead of gasoline, Nicola's fancy for gears and mechanics, and the vintage-chic fashion, the steampunk isn't prominent and dies off in the second half. The good vs. evil, light vs. dark plot tapers a bit, too.

But I still had so much fun reading the pair's interaction and blooming relationship, and with two endearing faeries to give them a hand and grow as characters themselves, Clockwork Blue was a feel-good, give-a-little-grin book. Add a sprinkle of industrial England and a couple dashes of sex, you've got a sensational color of a book and start to a series.

LUV'NV Rating: Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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V Wicked Tease – 10/04

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Chapter 1 of "A Little Fall of Rain" by Lulu

Vouched Book! "Weaver of Darkness" by Melissa L. Webb

Seventeen-year-old Liss Taylor wants nothing more than to be normal. All she wants is to graduate high school, go to college, and marry her childhood sweetheart. But she knows normal is something she can never be. The constant nightmares of desolate wastelands and the tattoo she was born with is proof enough; normal is not in her future.

A Darkness is now creeping into her town. A Darkness which is weaving its way into the fears of those around it, causing terror to come alive and death to stalk the night.

Who is the new guy in school? What part does he play in all of this, and why does he seem to awaken a piece of her she never even knew existed?

Now Liss is in a race against time, joined by friends, old and new. It will take her places unknown and show her things she never dreamed possible. Will she be able to rise above the darkness and save those she loves, or will she lose everything, and succumb to the evil known as the Weaver of Darkness?

Find it on: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords
Find Melissa L. Webb on: Her Website | Twitter | Facebook

Courtesy of the author, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and, quite honestly, ended up liking it—but only after trudging through the first half the book. While the beginning is okay—with the prologue of the Raggedy Ann Doll saving it and offering promise—the second half is fantastic.

The plot direction, Liss's true history, and every player's role are revealed at the halfway mark and can only be described as fairytale-like. Being that Liss and all her friends are writers (or "tale spinners"), it's apt and made me gush a little. The flow and dialogue improve—though yes, you should still expect the teenage pity-party and "forgive me/why me" conversations from Liss often.

I didn't connect with the her as much as I would've liked. She's not a "strong" female protagonist; she whined a bit too much for my taste, and I felt I was being told who she was than actually seeing it. Yet, Liss's band of friends and their loyalty to her despite her faults kept me reading. I fell in love with a few of them. Their personalities are much better developed than Liss's, and I'm contemplating getting the companion book, Restless Highways, just so I can read more of Hunter, Raven, and Cedric.

Weaver of Darkness isn't perfect, but Melissa L. Webb weaved some chilling scenes, wrote some great one-liners, and presented a couple twists and a good love triangle. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy and mystery, druids and a heroic shapeshifter, and who can overlook some writing/character mistakes.

Content warning: Mentions suicide—though the story doesn't include suicide in any way, the protagonist is falsely accused of it by other characters and repercussions and emotions involving sensitive matters are real.

LUV'NV Rating: Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars