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Changes — V Wicked Tease

Since The LUV'NV is all about drawing more attention to the little known fics and our teaser feature is called V Wicked Tease (as well as hardly utilized), we're adding to the feature. Now, not only do we want teasers for your upcoming chapters, we want you to submit a teaser from any past chapters. Give us a little taste. Show us your skill, your favorite passage, why the fandom should read your fic. Let us help you spread the love!

— The Conditions —
♥ Wicked teasers (an already posted chapter tease) must be 125 words or less.
♥ An author may only submit a regular tease OR a wicked tease per week, not both.
♥ With wicked teasing, the fic must be updated within the past month, unless it's complete, and it can only be featured once a month. The teaser must also be different each time!
♥ One shots have only one chance to tease wickedly.
♥ As usual, the pairing must be non-E/B (except during Deviant months)

Submissions not within the guidelines will be disregarded, and you can bet on our villainous asses that we will be checking for word count. (You're lucky we didn't say 100.)

Up for the challenge? Submit! The authors are the only ones who can, but stay tuned for the announcement on our tumblrs, where readers will be able to shout out some love for their favorite fics and authors, along with other goodies.

See you and your teasers next Thursday. Happy writing and submitting!
~Your LUV'NV (^_-)˅

P.S. April is a Deviant month, with the next teaser post our first Deviant tease. :) E/B authors can submit this month!

E/B teasers accepted quarterly: January, April, July, and October

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vouched! "Letting Go of Maybe" by Weebble

Emmett & Bella, Friendship/Romance, All Human, M, WIP
Summary: Bella is a good student that minds her own business, and Emmett is finally starting his career as a teacher. Unfortunately, when their paths cross, they're forced to face truths they're not ready for. AH, AU, BxEm.

"Letting Go of Maybe" is a slow burn type of fic, and more realistic in my opinion. Mr. McCarty is Bella's new English teacher and while he feels attraction to his student, he knows it is wrong to act on these feelings. They don't jump into a forbidden romance like most characters in these fics, and it is such an interesting read. The angst is high in this story, but a good kind of angst (If that is even possible, lol).

The authors of this story have done great with their characterizations. Jasper is Bella's best friend and their relationship is as much fun to read as the main pairing:

"You know, Bella, I'm not sure To Kill A Mockingbird is a set text for AP Chem class," Jasper drawled, peering over Jess' shoulder into my backpack. "Just saying." His blue eyes sparkled with amusement as I pulled the tattered copy of my favourite book back out and smacked him around the head with it.

"Just because you can't read, Frank, does not give you the right to rag on those of us who can."

He grew out of his phase of wearing Fedoras and calling everybody doll-face in middle school, but he would always be Frank to me - ever since he stood up on stage in the sixth grade, in front of the entire school population, and sung Come Fly With Me while attempting to tap dance.

"You break my heart, Boo," he retorted, smirking at his use of the nickname I had hated since elementary school. He quickly hot footed it out of the classroom when I started to growl and rise from my seat, wielding the book dangerously in the direction of his head once more.

"Catch you later, ladies," he hollered from the doorway, before scampering off to his next class.

He laughed loudly as I shouted after him, "Yeah, you better run, Hale!"

You can tell the authors really took the time to create original characters for us to read. It's the little things like this that make me really fall in love with a fic.

Like I said in a previous post, Emmett/Bella fics can be hard to come by, well-written ones at least. I came across this story, read the summary, and was instantly intrigued. Go check out "Letting Go of Maybe" and let me know what you think!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Vouched! "The Newborn" by @BellaDCullen

"The Newborn" by belladonnacullen
Edward & Tanya, Pre-Twilight, T, WIP
Summary: Edward's life from 1918 - 2006. See him as a newborn, a rebellious killer, as his family grows, and as he turns into the vampire we know and love him as today. P.S. Tanya's always been in love with him. E/TPOV

I happen to be a big fan of Edward/Tanya stories. Unfortunately, there aren't many of them out there. When I stumbled upon this one, I have to admit I squealed like a school girl.

Now, I feel like I have to give fair warning here and tell you this story is currently on hiatus. In fact, I really went back and forth with myself on whether or not to post it for that very reason. Maybe I'm secretly hoping that if enough people read and review it, begging belladonnacullen to continue it, that she might give in.

Like my fellow readers and writers out there, I love that SM left so many possibilities and unanswered questions for us to explore. Belladonnacullen does just that in this pre-twilight story. She takes the hint of a relationship between Edward and Tanya and runs with it.

Our first glimpse of Edward shows us a skittish newborn who's red eyes flicker at every movement. Still, even in the chaos of this new life, Tanya is drawn to him. She tries to maintain her distance—both physically and in her thoughts—but she can't help but be drawn to him.

Will the idealistic Edward be able to accept Tanya? Will he be able to see past her nighttime escapades to find the intelligent and insightful woman beneath?

Take a journey with The Newborn and see Esme's change, and the interesting dynamic it creates for the new coven. Feel Edward's resentment when he discovers Carlisle's reason for changing Rosalie. Join Edward in his fall from grace as he becomes the red-eyed vigilante. See Emmett's struggle to handle the blood and the jealousy. Then, kick me in the ass when you get to the last chapter and realize that's it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

V Wicked Tease 03/22 – 28

"Disenchanted Lullaby" by mjinaspen
Rosalie & Edward, Romance/Family, AH, MA/NC-17
Summary: Rosalie and Edward both have broken and hardened hearts. Their families have tried to help. Will fate and finding each other help them heal? Or will they hurt each other? Rosalie's a full figured woman in this story!

*** Chapter 16 Teaser ***
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened them again and looked at Edward’s face, all the mean, unfounded, irrational accusations I had hurled at him twisted his expression into a grimace. He sat silent, slumped into the drivers’ side door, stunned.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. “I didn’t mean any of those things.”

He breathed heavily and steadily—his gaze darting around the front of the Cayenne. Then he slowly looked up and made eye contact with me again, and the look in his eyes…

I never, ever wanted to be the cause of that kind of pain for him. I’d seen that look when we visited his family—in the driveway when he realized they weren’t there to greet us, at brunch when his dad showed zero interest in anything he had to say and his mom was a total bitch to me—and, again, when we talked to them on Thursday. As tough and strong as Edward was on the outside, he was a sweet, vulnerable boy underneath it all. And I was a piece of shit.

“Edward…” I reached out for him, needing to feel him, to soothe him and me both.

He accepted my outstretched hand, entwined our fingers, and let me come close to him. I wrapped my free arm around his shoulders, burying my face in his neck and squeezing him.

“It’s okay,” he said quietly, comfortingly, and I immediately nodded in agreement, sniffling into the crook of his neck. “We’re gonna be fine. But, we’re takin’ it one day at a time, remember?”

“I know, I’m sorry, baby,” I kissed his neck then pulled back to look him in the eye. “There’s no excuse. I just forgot that you’re on my team.”

He nodded, understanding. “And I love you,” he said, his face soft and pleading.

Ghosts of the heartache and disappointment that come from family and friends being torn apart because of choices and loyalties hung heavy behind his eyes. Edward was honest and devoted and he lived by his heart. He loved with everything he had, and he loved me.

“I love you, too,” I said, my lip trembling.

It was suddenly very clear to me that the rare and precious thing Edward and I had would continue to grow and become more intense, and we would have it for the rest of our lives. It wasn’t fleeting. It wasn’t about common interests, or sex, or even about the child I was carrying; it was about the way we fit together, balanced each other, and helped each other to be the best that we could be. And, after seeing all of that in just a handful of weeks, I could not fucking wait to see us in five years.

E/B teasers accepted quarterly: January, April, July, and October

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wayward Girl Found Completion with "In My Veins" by @ReneeFF

"In My Veins" by ReneeFF
Emmett & Rosalie, Romance/Humor, All Human, MA, Complete
Summary: Rosalie has spent most of her life trying to impress other people. While helping her father pay off his gambling debts, she falls in love with the enemy. Will she be able to save herself and her father before it's too late? Or will love blind her? AH/OOC.

This is another first for me: an Emmett Rosalie story, that is. Before "In My Veins" I had no interest in this pairing. I was looking for something different to read when I happened upon this fic. The summary interested me so I decided to give it a glad I did!

Rosalie Hale is a single mom who has had a rough life ever since she met Royce King III. Her abusive ex-boyfriend disappeared when he found out about the pregnancy; Rosalie is left alone to raise her baby and take care of her disabled dad who happens to owe Carlisle Cullen a lot of money.

Needless to say, Rose doesn't have a lot of time. When she isn't taking care of her family, she is working at a hair salon to pay off her father's debt. While on her lunch break, Rosalie meets a man who infuriates her and interests her at the same time. Guess who?

Emmett is intrigued by the beautiful woman he met and avidly pursues Rosalie. Too bad he is the son of her father's enemy. That's right, Emmett is the son of Carlisle Cullen. When Emmett realizes the situation at hand, it's already too late. He cares about Rosalie and doesn't want to tell her the truth about his family.

"In My Veins" will have you on the edge of your seat yelling at the screen "JUST TELL HER ALREADY!". You can't help but feel sorry for both characters and hope that things will work out for them. "In My Veins" is well written, only fourteen chapters, and will keep you enthralled the entire time. Go check it out and let the author know we sent you *winks*

That's all this week, until next time...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Aberration" by shoefreak37 (@mustloveshoes37)

"Aberration" by shoefreak37
Carlisle & Edward, Drama/Angst, Slash, MA/NC-17, Complete
Summary: Distortion, deviation, wandering. For centuries, Carlisle held fast to the plan he was sure had been laid out for him by a force much more divine than himself. After he takes Edward for a companion, the direction of his path becomes skewed.

There is no author, in my opinion, who can write canon characters in non-canon pairing fics as beautifully as shoefreak37. Though maybe known for her Edward and Demetri fic "Tracking Redemption" or her Mike and Edward one shot "A Light Exists In Spring," I want to turn your attention toward "Aberration," a Carlisle and Edward fic so well done that even days later I can't stop thinking about it. My heart still fucking aches.

From every well-wrought word, every longing touch, every sinful, indecent, and spiteful thought, I felt Edward and Carlisle—for them, with them. Shoefreak37 has such a wonderful way with words and characterizations that I want to claw at my chest, borrow inside, and hide away in a fetal position just so I can surround myself in essence of Edward and Carlisle and somehow keep them with me, no matter how agonizing.

With the prologue being the day of Edward and Bella's wedding, and the story then picking up in the year of Edward's change, I was both intrigued and terrified how "Aberration" would end. But like the characters, I find the experience is so worth it. I love the ending and can't hardly fathom an alternate one.

Now, also similar to Edward and Carlisle, I might deny my love, question how things could be—I did say, "I can't hardly fathom an alternate one"—but the result just is. I fell in love with the Twilight characters for the same reasons you and the "Aberration" characters did: Carlisle's never ending patience and compassion as well as his faith, Edward's youth and promising hope along with his flaws and mistakes, Esme's undying devotion and understanding. It is the love I have for these characters and their canon traits, captured by so thoroughly by shoefreak37, that the ending is how it must be, no matter how much you deviate or yearn for otherwise.

"Aberration" should win a "It's So Wrong, It's Right" Award, pairing-wise as well as plot-wise. I don't think I'll find another Edward and Carlisle fic as great as this one. Shoefreak37 has ruined me with her amazing talent, and as the creator of The LUV'NV, what I'm about to say is blasphemy ...

I don't want a fic well done with a side of non-canon. Give me a rare fic, bloody heavy in canon. No matter the aberration.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

New Stories from Featured Authors

Check out the new fics from featured authors that you might have missed.

"Before The Dawn" by BookwormBaby2580

Edward & Bella, Horror/Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: After her mother's wedding in Mexico, Bella encounters a vampire with less altruistic motives than the ones she might have met in Forks under drastically different circumstances. One bad decision, she discovers, can change her entire life. AU E/B

"Dark Imprint" by peters.kitten

Paul & Bella, Angst/Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: What happens when fate gets one wrong? Will he be her salvation, or is she doomed to spend eternity bound to another? Eventual Bella/Peter

"67" by HopelessRomantic79

Emmett & Bella, AH, Romance, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: Emmett likes to treat a car like he treats a woman... with a loving hand. But what if his wife Bella misses his loving hand? AU, AH, lots of fun!

"Harlequinade" by Kyilliki

Various Volturi pairings, Supernatural/Romance, MA/NC-17, One Shot Collection/Drabbles
Summary: A series of fourteen unconnected drabbles featuring various Volturi pairings. Posted for Valentine's Day.

"Opportunity" by wonderwoundedhearers

Edward & Bella, AH, Friendship/Romance, T, One Shot
Summary: An excerpt from the diary of Edward Cullen, and how 'The Day Alice Spilled' became 'The Day Edward Thanked Her for It.' AH/AU. O/s. Mild lang. Fluff-ish.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Completed! "And Yet Dusk Fades" by AndYetDuskFades

Recently Advocated fic:

"And Yet Dusk Fades" by AndYetDuskFades
Demetri & Leah, Fantasy/Romance, AU-BD, T, WIP
Summary: If she could paint the world, she would color it black and white. Then everything would be simple.

Read the Advocated Review

Vouched! "Time Makes all the Difference" by jlf44

Jacob & Bella, AU-Twilight, T, WIP
Summary: Age 22, Bella moves to Forks to live with Charlie following the death of her mother. How much of a difference can four years make?

This is one of those fluffy reads that makes you smile through the whole thing. It is an interesting spin on Twilight that I have yet to read. Bella arrives in Forks four years later; the Cullens are gone, Bella finished culinary school and decides to buy the diner in La Push. Like the title says, time makes all the difference. When Bella is reunited with her childhood friend, their lives will be changed forever. This is a must read for all you Jake lovers out there, click the link and enjoy!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wayward Girl Found Completion with "Not Strong Enough" by @ojmjff

"Not Strong Enough" by Oh Jasper My Jasper
Jasper & Paul, Drama/Romance, All Human, MA, Complete
Summary: After falling in love with a boy of his dreams at a summer job away from home, Paul discovers that Jasper's family is moving to Forks. Will their secret relationship survive in a world where they are on opposite sides of a town divide? AU/AH/Slash

I am not one to read slash fics but this unique pairing pulled me in. "Not Strong Enough" is a very interesting read; each chapter is told in Paul's point of view and switches from present day to flashbacks of meeting Jasper at summer camp:

Meeting Jasper confused the shit out of me. On the surface, we could not have been more different. He was lean and pale with chin length, blond wavy hair. A city boy, he was quiet and introspective, a musician and an artist. I was brawny with well-developed muscles, dark russet skin and closely-cropped black hair. Compared to him, I was a loud, small town hick, pretty much only interested in maintaining my physique. And yet, despite the fact that we seemed to have nothing in common, I was drawn to him from the first moment I saw was pretty disturbing because the biggest difference between us was that he was openly gay and I was most assuredly not. At least, up until that point, I had never considered the possibility that I was anything but straight. But the instant we were introduced upon our arrival at camp—the instant my eyes met his and I got lost in the lustrous pale green pools—I couldn't stop thinking about him.

"Not Strong Enough" tackles a lot of issues: class differences, struggles with identity, and the general high school drama. It is a short read, just seven chapters, so don't miss out! It's really heartwarming and so well-written. Make sure to leave Oh Jasper My Jasper some love and tell her we sent you. :)

This was my first review of a slash fic, you might be seeing more from me in the future! Let me know if you are a slash lover, I'd love to have some recs...especially if Paul is involved. *winks*

That's all this week, until next time...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vouched! "Cowboys & Indians" by Minisinoo

"Cowboys & Indians" by Minisinoo
Jasper & Leah, Drama/Humor, AU-BD, T, Complete
Summary: Lessons on the road in a journey through time. Existentialism, a Texas pow-wow, a '67 Mustang, a bar brawl, Pocahontas, and Jack Kerouac. Sometimes, family is chosen, even if they're not who we expect. Jasper, Leah & Seth, Edward

This story is truly a journey in every sense of the word. As the reader, you join Jasper and Leah on a physical, spiritual, and emotional journey of discovery. Honestly, the story was nothing like I expected. That being said, "Cowboys & Indians" was so much more than I dreamed of.

Here we have two strong characters—Jasper and Leah. Both have a strong sense of purpose, yet both tend to struggle with their place in the world. Leah assumes Jasper is the eternal cowboy, unable to move forward in a world that has changed so much since he was turned. Leah lets her own fear of judgement dictate her gut reactions to others, often jumping to the wrong conclusion. She soon finds that she was wrong about Jasper Cullen. Not only does his gift make him more yielding than his stone facade may suggest, he's also a sponge when it comes to knowledge—open to receive Leah Clearwater's "education."

Minisinoo weaves a fascinating tale so unlike the linear journey most stories take. Her lessons of friendship, culture, family, and self-awareness are broad and relatable. This is not a story of how a vampire and a wolf fall in love. Instead, it is a story of how a vampire and a wolf find a middle ground—an inherent understanding.

I have to agree with Arianna-Janae—"Cowboys & Indians" is nothing like I expected it to be. It's so much more. More than a romance and your average, typical fic.

Pre-E/B wedding, all the characters are steadily canon. The relationships: Jasper and Esme's, Edward and Seth's, and yes, even Jasper and Leah's—especially theirs—are believable and deep. I am so left in awe of the dynamics, I fall in love with the fact that the main characters are not a romantic couple. I don't wish for otherwise by the end.

The dialogue is above par, Leah's natural and having the unrelenting bite, while Jasper's refreshingly accurate and sans Darlin'. The discussions are intriguing, the topics moving. From well-known quotes to the unfamiliar book references, the writing is smart and fabulous, with the theme of differences and appreciating them clear.

"Cowboys & Indians" is real, fun, and doesn't only focus on self-discovery but also on "centering the periphery," as Jasper calls it. The plot is a journey, but with an ending that made me warm and fuzzy all over. This story ... has left me inspired. Love comes in many forms. Does a fic have to have romance to be great?

Absolutely not. Minisinoo's amazing fic proves it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"The Cassolette" by @MaBarberElla


I decided to bite the bullet and break free of yet another one of my preconceived notions. After the encouragement of more than one fellow reader, I took the plunge and searched out a Carlisle & Bella story.

In order to do this, I had to get past the good doctor exterior and overlook the three centuries of age difference and life experiences between these two. In order to get over the "robbing the cradle" thoughts, I tried to wrap myself around the idea of how these two characters could relate to each other.

Well, rather than dipping my toe into a story that would ease me into this pairing, I dove in head first with the smutty goodness of The Cassolette. MaBarberElla has managed to keep Carlisle's outward demeanor intact while adding a whole other level of pervy-goodness brewing beneath the surface.

Outwardly, everything appears as it should. Carlisle is a skilled doctor, dedicated to his job and his family. He comes home to his loving wife, Esme, and is the eternal patriarch to his immortal family. Always kind and ever dignified, Carlisle hides behind a well-polished and controlled facade. Who knew it would take one human girl to bring his walls crashing down?

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March One Shot Staff Picks

Every month, we rec under-appreciated one shots we simply adore. So get comfy, check out these short reads and try something new, and be sure to leave them some love.

"Those Who Wait" by BookwormBaby2580
Mike & Bella, Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: Because nice guys shouldn't always have to finish last.

Wayward Girl: I have found yet another wonderful story written by BookwormBaby2580. This time, though, she paired up Bella with Mike Newton. *gasp* I know you are skeptical, but "Those Who Wait" has me willing to root for Mr. Golden Retriever himself. The author has created a very likable (and believable) Mike who you can't help but love. This one-shot is well written and has all the elements of a good story, go check it out!

"Lepidoptera" by smexy4smarties
Renee & Charlie, Hurt/Comfort, Post-BD, M
Summary: lepidoptera: Gr. lepidos "scale" and pteron "wing." Any of a large order of insects, including butterflies, that as adults have four wings covered with minute overlapping and often brightly colored scales. Brush the scales away and... Canon. NEHEA entry

RaindropSoup: Smexy4smarties is refreshingly smart. Brilliant, really. She has taken what is often a predictable, shallow, and overlooked character and given her a depth that left me aching—for both Renee-centric fics and the character herself. Renee is not who we think she is, not for the reasons we assume and always portray. Using the bare-bones of a character SM left us, Smexy4smarties has fleshed out a canon Renee with a haunting voice, a painful perspective, and startling realism, all the while answering a few questions. What happened between her and Charlie, when they were young and when she left? How do Bella and the Cullens—and Charlie for that matter—tie the loose ends that was once Bella's human life, post-BD? "Lepidoptera" is not about a how a seemingly scatter-brained woman thinks, but how she feels and is perceived. It could not have been better written. It's a one shot you'll never forget. Be sure to stop by and leave some love.

(Be aware that this was written for The Never Ever Happily Ever After Contest and tied third place in the public vote. No fluff or rainbows—except for Renee's outfit—here, which suits this spot-on characterization perfectly. And because it's sadly beautiful, captures the feel and essence of "Lepidoptera," along with further explaining the title, here's the quote used in the one shot:
"Imagine what it would be like to hold a butterfly in your hands, something bejeweled and treasured, and to know that, despite your devotion, it is dying by degrees." — Jodi Picoult, Harvesting the Heart)

Have you read one of fics mentioned above?
Tell us your thoughts in a comment below and give the fandom even more reasons to check out
these little known one shots!

One shots recs are tweeted various Fridays for six months.

V Wicked Tease 03/01 – 06

"With You I Am Complete" by Jasper's Woman
Rosalie & Edward, Romance/Family, AH, MA/NC-17
Summary: Rosalie and Edward both have broken and hardened hearts. Their families have tried to help. Will fate and finding each other help them heal? Or will they hurt each other? Rosalie's a full figured woman in this story!

*** Chapter 6 Teaser ***
Carlisle walks to his house as quietly as possible opens the door. He's sure Rosalie's sleeping and doesn't want to wake her up. Imagine his surprise when he sees his daughter lying on the couch asleep with a strange man sleeping on top of her. He wants to yank the fucker up and throw him out. He restrains himself knowing his daughter would not just let anyone in the house, let alone sleep on the couch with her.

He lets go of his fatherly concerns and coughs to awake them up. Nothing happens so he coughs louder and both awaken by the noise. Edward and Rosalie catch each other's eyes and realize they are laying down, him on top of her. It feels right to them somehow, but then Rosalie catches her father standing there with concern and anger written on his face.

She pushes Edward up. "Dad! You're home, what time is it?"

Carlisle looks at Edward then back at Rosalie.

E/B teasers accepted quarterly: January, April, July, and October