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"Aberration" by shoefreak37 (@mustloveshoes37)

"Aberration" by shoefreak37
Carlisle & Edward, Drama/Angst, Slash, MA/NC-17, Complete
Summary: Distortion, deviation, wandering. For centuries, Carlisle held fast to the plan he was sure had been laid out for him by a force much more divine than himself. After he takes Edward for a companion, the direction of his path becomes skewed.

There is no author, in my opinion, who can write canon characters in non-canon pairing fics as beautifully as shoefreak37. Though maybe known for her Edward and Demetri fic "Tracking Redemption" or her Mike and Edward one shot "A Light Exists In Spring," I want to turn your attention toward "Aberration," a Carlisle and Edward fic so well done that even days later I can't stop thinking about it. My heart still fucking aches.

From every well-wrought word, every longing touch, every sinful, indecent, and spiteful thought, I felt Edward and Carlisle—for them, with them. Shoefreak37 has such a wonderful way with words and characterizations that I want to claw at my chest, borrow inside, and hide away in a fetal position just so I can surround myself in essence of Edward and Carlisle and somehow keep them with me, no matter how agonizing.

With the prologue being the day of Edward and Bella's wedding, and the story then picking up in the year of Edward's change, I was both intrigued and terrified how "Aberration" would end. But like the characters, I find the experience is so worth it. I love the ending and can't hardly fathom an alternate one.

Now, also similar to Edward and Carlisle, I might deny my love, question how things could be—I did say, "I can't hardly fathom an alternate one"—but the result just is. I fell in love with the Twilight characters for the same reasons you and the "Aberration" characters did: Carlisle's never ending patience and compassion as well as his faith, Edward's youth and promising hope along with his flaws and mistakes, Esme's undying devotion and understanding. It is the love I have for these characters and their canon traits, captured by so thoroughly by shoefreak37, that the ending is how it must be, no matter how much you deviate or yearn for otherwise.

"Aberration" should win a "It's So Wrong, It's Right" Award, pairing-wise as well as plot-wise. I don't think I'll find another Edward and Carlisle fic as great as this one. Shoefreak37 has ruined me with her amazing talent, and as the creator of The LUV'NV, what I'm about to say is blasphemy ...

I don't want a fic well done with a side of non-canon. Give me a rare fic, bloody heavy in canon. No matter the aberration.

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