Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wayward Girl Found Completion with "Not Strong Enough" by @ojmjff

"Not Strong Enough" by Oh Jasper My Jasper
Jasper & Paul, Drama/Romance, All Human, MA, Complete
Summary: After falling in love with a boy of his dreams at a summer job away from home, Paul discovers that Jasper's family is moving to Forks. Will their secret relationship survive in a world where they are on opposite sides of a town divide? AU/AH/Slash

I am not one to read slash fics but this unique pairing pulled me in. "Not Strong Enough" is a very interesting read; each chapter is told in Paul's point of view and switches from present day to flashbacks of meeting Jasper at summer camp:

Meeting Jasper confused the shit out of me. On the surface, we could not have been more different. He was lean and pale with chin length, blond wavy hair. A city boy, he was quiet and introspective, a musician and an artist. I was brawny with well-developed muscles, dark russet skin and closely-cropped black hair. Compared to him, I was a loud, small town hick, pretty much only interested in maintaining my physique. And yet, despite the fact that we seemed to have nothing in common, I was drawn to him from the first moment I saw was pretty disturbing because the biggest difference between us was that he was openly gay and I was most assuredly not. At least, up until that point, I had never considered the possibility that I was anything but straight. But the instant we were introduced upon our arrival at camp—the instant my eyes met his and I got lost in the lustrous pale green pools—I couldn't stop thinking about him.

"Not Strong Enough" tackles a lot of issues: class differences, struggles with identity, and the general high school drama. It is a short read, just seven chapters, so don't miss out! It's really heartwarming and so well-written. Make sure to leave Oh Jasper My Jasper some love and tell her we sent you. :)

This was my first review of a slash fic, you might be seeing more from me in the future! Let me know if you are a slash lover, I'd love to have some recs...especially if Paul is involved. *winks*

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