Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vouched! "Cowboys & Indians" by Minisinoo

"Cowboys & Indians" by Minisinoo
Jasper & Leah, Drama/Humor, AU-BD, T, Complete
Summary: Lessons on the road in a journey through time. Existentialism, a Texas pow-wow, a '67 Mustang, a bar brawl, Pocahontas, and Jack Kerouac. Sometimes, family is chosen, even if they're not who we expect. Jasper, Leah & Seth, Edward

This story is truly a journey in every sense of the word. As the reader, you join Jasper and Leah on a physical, spiritual, and emotional journey of discovery. Honestly, the story was nothing like I expected. That being said, "Cowboys & Indians" was so much more than I dreamed of.

Here we have two strong characters—Jasper and Leah. Both have a strong sense of purpose, yet both tend to struggle with their place in the world. Leah assumes Jasper is the eternal cowboy, unable to move forward in a world that has changed so much since he was turned. Leah lets her own fear of judgement dictate her gut reactions to others, often jumping to the wrong conclusion. She soon finds that she was wrong about Jasper Cullen. Not only does his gift make him more yielding than his stone facade may suggest, he's also a sponge when it comes to knowledge—open to receive Leah Clearwater's "education."

Minisinoo weaves a fascinating tale so unlike the linear journey most stories take. Her lessons of friendship, culture, family, and self-awareness are broad and relatable. This is not a story of how a vampire and a wolf fall in love. Instead, it is a story of how a vampire and a wolf find a middle ground—an inherent understanding.

I have to agree with Arianna-Janae—"Cowboys & Indians" is nothing like I expected it to be. It's so much more. More than a romance and your average, typical fic.

Pre-E/B wedding, all the characters are steadily canon. The relationships: Jasper and Esme's, Edward and Seth's, and yes, even Jasper and Leah's—especially theirs—are believable and deep. I am so left in awe of the dynamics, I fall in love with the fact that the main characters are not a romantic couple. I don't wish for otherwise by the end.

The dialogue is above par, Leah's natural and having the unrelenting bite, while Jasper's refreshingly accurate and sans Darlin'. The discussions are intriguing, the topics moving. From well-known quotes to the unfamiliar book references, the writing is smart and fabulous, with the theme of differences and appreciating them clear.

"Cowboys & Indians" is real, fun, and doesn't only focus on self-discovery but also on "centering the periphery," as Jasper calls it. The plot is a journey, but with an ending that made me warm and fuzzy all over. This story ... has left me inspired. Love comes in many forms. Does a fic have to have romance to be great?

Absolutely not. Minisinoo's amazing fic proves it.