Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vouched! "Letting Go of Maybe" by Weebble

Emmett & Bella, Friendship/Romance, All Human, M, WIP
Summary: Bella is a good student that minds her own business, and Emmett is finally starting his career as a teacher. Unfortunately, when their paths cross, they're forced to face truths they're not ready for. AH, AU, BxEm.

"Letting Go of Maybe" is a slow burn type of fic, and more realistic in my opinion. Mr. McCarty is Bella's new English teacher and while he feels attraction to his student, he knows it is wrong to act on these feelings. They don't jump into a forbidden romance like most characters in these fics, and it is such an interesting read. The angst is high in this story, but a good kind of angst (If that is even possible, lol).

The authors of this story have done great with their characterizations. Jasper is Bella's best friend and their relationship is as much fun to read as the main pairing:

"You know, Bella, I'm not sure To Kill A Mockingbird is a set text for AP Chem class," Jasper drawled, peering over Jess' shoulder into my backpack. "Just saying." His blue eyes sparkled with amusement as I pulled the tattered copy of my favourite book back out and smacked him around the head with it.

"Just because you can't read, Frank, does not give you the right to rag on those of us who can."

He grew out of his phase of wearing Fedoras and calling everybody doll-face in middle school, but he would always be Frank to me - ever since he stood up on stage in the sixth grade, in front of the entire school population, and sung Come Fly With Me while attempting to tap dance.

"You break my heart, Boo," he retorted, smirking at his use of the nickname I had hated since elementary school. He quickly hot footed it out of the classroom when I started to growl and rise from my seat, wielding the book dangerously in the direction of his head once more.

"Catch you later, ladies," he hollered from the doorway, before scampering off to his next class.

He laughed loudly as I shouted after him, "Yeah, you better run, Hale!"

You can tell the authors really took the time to create original characters for us to read. It's the little things like this that make me really fall in love with a fic.

Like I said in a previous post, Emmett/Bella fics can be hard to come by, well-written ones at least. I came across this story, read the summary, and was instantly intrigued. Go check out "Letting Go of Maybe" and let me know what you think!


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