Saturday, March 31, 2012

Changes — V Wicked Tease

Since The LUV'NV is all about drawing more attention to the little known fics and our teaser feature is called V Wicked Tease (as well as hardly utilized), we're adding to the feature. Now, not only do we want teasers for your upcoming chapters, we want you to submit a teaser from any past chapters. Give us a little taste. Show us your skill, your favorite passage, why the fandom should read your fic. Let us help you spread the love!

— The Conditions —
♥ Wicked teasers (an already posted chapter tease) must be 125 words or less.
♥ An author may only submit a regular tease OR a wicked tease per week, not both.
♥ With wicked teasing, the fic must be updated within the past month, unless it's complete, and it can only be featured once a month. The teaser must also be different each time!
♥ One shots have only one chance to tease wickedly.
♥ As usual, the pairing must be non-E/B (except during Deviant months)

Submissions not within the guidelines will be disregarded, and you can bet on our villainous asses that we will be checking for word count. (You're lucky we didn't say 100.)

Up for the challenge? Submit! The authors are the only ones who can, but stay tuned for the announcement on our tumblrs, where readers will be able to shout out some love for their favorite fics and authors, along with other goodies.

See you and your teasers next Thursday. Happy writing and submitting!
~Your LUV'NV (^_-)˅

P.S. April is a Deviant month, with the next teaser post our first Deviant tease. :) E/B authors can submit this month!

E/B teasers accepted quarterly: January, April, July, and October