Friday, December 30, 2011

V Wicked Teasers 12/29 – 01/04

Title: La Vita Nuova
Author: Jenn1987
Rated LS18+
Genre/Category: Romance, Comedy, AH
Pairing: Edward, Jake, Garrett, and Bella
Summary: "Courtly love was a medieval European conception of nobly and chivalrously expressing love and admiration. Generally, it was kept secret and not practiced between husband and wife." The secret life of Bella Swan & Edward Cullen: 1996 - 2027. AH/AU, OOC.

*** Chapter 9 Teaser ***
"We would pretend you were our rescuers, our knights, and one day, you were going to break us free from the prison of her bedroom on the second floor," I admitted. I could feel the faint burn of a blush gracing my cheeks.

"Wow, little girls are creepy."

"Yeah well, we would do that until Rose's mom started babysitting Jake. Then, he made himself the king and said I didn't need a rescuer. That the King would protect me and save me."

"That little shit," Edward added playfully.

"I know, right?" I laughed and looked out the window at the passing car next to me.

"In the land of trapped Princesses, the Kings are the evil step fathers," Edward teased, using a tone that sarcastically suggested it was very common knowledge.

"Yeah, eight year old Jake ruined everything," I joked.

"And a full decade later, nothing much's changed," Edward added, not really teasing at all.  

"As you leave me, please, would you close the door. And don`t forget what I told you. Just cause you`re right, that don`t mean I`m wrong. Another shoulder to cry upon."

I smacked his arm playfully. "Remember that time your dad had that birthday party for you and Emmett at Chuck-E-Cheese —"

"Yeah," Edward continued. "And Jake threw up all over my presents?"

"And then Alice fainted and got it all over her." I started cracking up.

"We were quite a crew, huh?"

"Still are."

He pulled one side of his mouth into a crooked smile and licked his lips. "Now, instead of puking on my presents, he's —"

"Hey," I interjected. He didn't need to finish that sentence for me to know where he was going with it. "You're going to see him in less than twenty four hours. You better get it together."

"I just wanna use your love tonight, yeah. I don`t wanna lose your love tonight."