Thursday, July 19, 2012

V Wicked Tease – 07/19

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Chapter 1 of "The Academy of New Beginnings" by LolaCullenx **Edward & Bella**
Chapter 4 of "Risky Business" by GossipLips **Edward & Bella****

"The Academy of New Beginnings" by LolaCullenx
Edward & Bella, AH, Romance, Drama, MA/NC-17
Summary: Bella is sent to a therapeutic boarding school in Utah where she meets bad boy Edward. Sparks will fly, but can each overcome their past to move forward with their future? AH

*** Chapter 1 Wicked Teaser ***
When I told Renee that I didn’t want to live with her or Charlie, this was her solution. Actually, I had come up with the idea of boarding school, and she had come up with the idea of “therapeutic boarding school.”

“The only difference is that you see a therapist once a week, I promise,” Renee had said. Her medication must have made her confident that day because she knew I hated therapists. After seeing four different shrinks in the span of five years, all of whom were there to “help me,” I had had enough therapy for a lifetime. After all, Renee had seen therapists her whole life, and she was still eighty different kinds of fucked up.

"Risky Business" by GossipLips
Edward & Bella, Romance, Drama, MA/NC-17
Summary: A story about a friendship with lines in place that begin to blur when life takes a turn they weren't expecting. Meet StripperElla...sorta, Overprotective Musicward, DILF Carlisle and the rest of the gang! AH/AU Cannon Couples.

*** Chapter 4 Wicked Teaser ***
… I had to restrain myself from flying out of the bathroom where I had barricaded myself, and jumping the poor unsuspecting bones of my best friend.

When my center made contact with his hard, throbbing cock, embarrassingly enough, I couldn't stop. I rocked greedily against his straining jeans, rubbing my clit just right. How could I take advantage of him like that? I couldn't fault him for responding to my actions. He was a man. A gorgeous man who I knew for a fact wasn't getting any.

Sighing, I removed my towel and stood naked leaning against the counter, gripping it for dear life as I gave into my naughtier thoughts.

Breathless moments. Soft sighs of passion. Complete bliss at the mercy of his talented fingers.