Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Belonging" by forthelongestday

I'm on a roll with the Peter fics lately. Here's another one that I simply had to share. It's called Belonging by forthelongestday.
This story is in Charlotte's point of view (no Bella here). forthelongestday breathes life into a character I have never before seen written with this depth.

It begins as Charlotte opens her eyes to her new life as a vampire. The first person her new gaze falls upon is the very man who took her life. She isn't welcomed into this new existence by a loving family - ready and willing to patiently guide her as she begins her life as a vampire. No, she's thrust into the life of a soldier where there's no such thing as a learning curve. No positive reinforcement. No second chances. Stripped of her clothes, her humanity, and her individuality she must adapt to this new life - this hell. She quickly discovers that only person she can depend on in this new world she's been forced into is herself.

The same man who has promised her that he won't harm her, has killed two of her comrades without provocation. Everywhere she goes, she feels his watchful eyes on her - senses his presence and feels the absence of it. Her only relationship, if it could be called that, is with a man she knows she should hate - Peter.

This new world is fueled by fear. Gain too much attention and your comrades will turn on you, draw too little attention and you are demeaned replaceable. In Maria's camp, the life of an immortal is measured in months and years rather than centuries. Your skill and usefulness is what keeps you alive. Fight well or be reduced to ash.

When the sun comes up, training begins. Lessons are learned through the stinging bite of venom burning flesh, the jarring pain of granite skin's impact with hard-packed earth, and the phantom weariness of being pushed to the edge in a body that knows no limits.

There's no reprieve. After training is done, Charlotte spends the rest of the evening against her wall - watching. The young vampires' emotions are not their own. They are fueled by another. The Major. He doesn't speak - doesn't have to speak. His presence alone makes everyone cower. This Jasper Whitlock isn't Alice's arm candy in designer jeans - he's one bad mother fucker. His strange power gives him control over the soldiers. He spreads hate, fear, and desolation - squashes all hope and leaves his soldiers resigned to the half life they are forced to live. And for some reason beyond Charlotte's understanding, Peter considers the reprehensible creature a friend. He is somehow convinced that underneath the cold-blooded killer, who Charlotte deems incapable of any good, is a man worthy of saving. Only that man has been twisted and contorted into a creature - a creature who Maria uses for lust and power.

You join Charlotte as she deals with the reality of her situation. See into her head and feel the myriad of emotions that flicker under the surface of her flesh, but that she's forced to hide from her comrades and the perceptive powers of Jasper. Favoritism is not tolerated. Mates are destroyed.

Peter shows nothing more than indifference towards Charlotte. Even during the rare moments of solitude away from the war camp, Peter stumbles to put his emotions into words. Caring is awkward for him, alien in this world that revolves around blood. This isn't your traditional love story. Love is measured in small, nearly imperceptible gestures. It is hidden under cautious lies and murderous acts.

Check out Belonging and experience the turmoil this duo experiences first hand. This short story will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Belonging by forthelongestday
Rated VM16+ - Peter & Charlotte - Complete
Summary: A routine walk down an alley in Laredo sets into motion the events that end Charlotte's life, and sends her tumbling into a dark world full of hate and war.