Thursday, June 23, 2011

V Wicked Teasers 06/23 – 29

Title: Beautiful Sorrow
Author: DreamOfTheEndless
Rated VVM18+
Genre/Category: Angst/Drama, AH
Pairing: Edward/Carlisle & Bella
Summary: Bella worshiped Carlisle, so when he proposed she didn't think twice before accepting. But then she met Edward, her fiancé's half brother & the other part of her soul. Will they be able to survive the consequences of their betrayal?

*** Chapter 9 Teaser ***
“There are things that I have found out about this woman, and I was planning on talking to Kyle about this as soon as he got back from Geneva, but…” He trailed off. Kyle never made it back from Geneva. Death had intervened.

“The woman is pregnant, Carlisle.” He spat out the words. “And I am afraid she will come after you and the Cullen name with everything she’s got to make a buck, claiming Kyle to be the father. We can’t let that happen. There could be a long and dirty fight ahead and it’s my job to prepare you for the battle. That’s why you need to know about this now.”

Carlisle went visibly green at the thought of a woman with questionable morals out there somewhere in Massachusetts, prepping up a nursery and plotting to drag his father’s name through the mud. He would stop her if it was the last – or the only - thing he ever did.

“Is she blackmailing us?” he asked with a shaky voice.