Thursday, June 2, 2011

V Wicked Teasers 06/02– 08

Title: La Vita Nuova
Author: Jenn1987
Rated LS18+
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Summary: "Courtly love was a medieval European conception of nobly and chivalrously expressing love and admiration. Generally, it was kept secret and not practiced between husband and wife." The secret life of Bella Swan & Edward Cullen: 1996 - 2027. AH/AU, OOC.

*** Chapter 8 Teaser ***
I shook my head and walked closer to him, closing the distance between us. "Tell me what would happen if I did."

"What?" his eyes squinted into confusion.

"You're a self proclaimed man slut, Edward. Why, in my right mind, would I want you instead? Why would you want me? You have no intentions of tying yourself down to anybody anytime soon, do you? Not even me." I paused for his reaction, but it was frozen as stone -- emotionless. He didn't give me any answer. "That's what I thought. You love being who you are, so just be that. And let me do what I want with my life. You were right. We should just go our separate ways. It's better this way."

"That's bullshit," he murmured softly, almost deflated. "You don't know what I would do if you broke it off with Jake. You haven't asked."

"Then, tell me. What would you do? Would you date me? Take me out to romantic dinners and chick flicks? Skip the Friday Night $10 Bottomless Cup at Benny's to spend a cozy night in with me on the couch doing homework?" I laughed at how ridiculous that seemed. "Tell me, what would someone like you do with someone like me?"

His emerald eyes were startling, glaring right through me.

Title: Beautiful Sorrow
Author: DreamOfTheEndless
Rated VVM18+
Genre/Category: Angst/Drama, AH
Pairing: Edward/Carlisle & Bella
Summary: Bella worshiped Carlisle, so when he proposed she didn't think twice before accepting. But then she met Edward, her fiancé's half brother & the other part of her soul. Will they be able to survive the consequences of their betrayal?

*** Chapter 7 Teaser ***
Bella’s perseverance paid off and she did manage to watch the whole segment on the Evian Summit the next day. She watched it with avid interest and cherished the forty-three seconds of airtime when Carlisle Cullen occupied the screen. She learned that the man he was sitting right behind was Gerhard Schröder, the Chancellor of Germany. She wished she could tape the show, but their VCR had been broken for years. To her parents’ baffled amusement, she began to watch PBS and other news shows on a regular basis. Although she never caught another glimpse of Carlisle on TV ever again, by the end of that summer she’d gathered extensive knowledge on current affairs and international politics.


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