Thursday, June 9, 2011

V Wicked Teasers 06/09 – 15

Title: Falling Empire of a Heart
Author: HoochieMomma
Rated VVM18+
Genre/Category: Romance/Historical/Drama, AH
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Summary: In the dying days of the Western Roman Empire, young noblewoman Bellona is promised to an aging general, Marcus. As he rides from Gaul to claim his young bride, can a mysterious stranger save her? Prequel to Arthurian legend with a Twi flavor. AH, sMut.

***Chapter 20 Teaser***
Bella POV
I stared along with everyone else at the retreating backs of the two riders as they dragged Janus from the hall. Their footsteps echoed in the strange hush. All swords remained drawn as they moved fearfully through the forest of sharpened metal.

I was still trembling all over, but I forced myself to look at Janus' face one final time – really look at it. His eyes were open.

I stared at their glazed surface. Instead of the fear I had expected to feel, I found that all I could think of was my father. Like a knife scratched repeatedly over a previously closed wound, what Janus had said about Renita before he was killed echoed on in the steely silence.

“Her mother... abandoned Carius, and eloped with one of his own men.”

My head felt hollowed out, his words rushing around it in a circular motion. I didn't doubt the truth of what he had said for a second. She’s left with Phileus, almost certainly, a grim voice now told me. How could she do such a thing to Carius? He would be broken by it, I knew. I briefly squeezed my eyes shut as a stab of pain knifed at my chest. My father was a taciturn, gruff man, but he had always adored Renita. And me, the small voice added.

And now both the women in his life had deserted him. Guilt at what I had done welled up as the tremors in my body began to rattle my teeth. I clamped my jaw, raising it slightly as I opened my eyes. I did not miss him, and I would not have changed what I had done to escape my marriage to Marcus.

Still, none of that could stop me from feeling truly sorry for how he must feel.

As Janus’ body was dragged out of sight, I turned, dazed, to see that the dark pool of blood on the floor in front of the dais was already being covered with straw by subdued servants.

Title: At Last
Author: itlnbrt
Rated LS18+
Genre/Category: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Edward & Bella
Summary: Edward & Bella meet and they go through separation, divorce, dating, and growth. We will be taken on their crazy ride to happiness. Very adult and real life. Cheating, bad decisions, & other relationship problems. HEA for these two.

***Chapter 4 Teaser***
What did he just say?

He loved me?

He loves us!

He loves me!

“What? You… you love me? You love us? You love me?”

He chuckled and grabbed me to his chest and hugged me tightly.

“I do, and I guess I just told you, huh?” He replied while peppering kisses all over my face.

“And you want to be with us forever? I mean… how… when?” I couldn’t complete a thought. I just had so many things running through my mind.


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