Thursday, August 16, 2012

V Wicked Tease – 08/16

— Regular Teasers —
Chapter 6 of "Spinal Cord" by Midnight Ariel
Chapter 8 of "Turn and Turn About" by light4dawn

— V Wicked Teasers —
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"Spinal Cord" by Midnight Ariel
Alice & Jasper, Horror, Suspense, MA/NC-17
Summary: NWB sequel. A mysterious illness breaks out. Zombies are on the loose, & Jasper is summoned to help. Why are vampires needed to fight zombies? Come on a journey filled with rotting flesh and warring covens. This is not your typical zombie me.

*** Chapter 6 Teaser ***
Hearing Scott’s words, the entire army fell silent and still as only vampires can. Instinctively, they knew something was off. Only their eyes moved as they followed the Major and Captain. Some of the newborns were scared by the silent rage they felt from the empath, while others were excited at the prospect of another display of the Major’s skill. Not knowing who the newcomers really were, a few even hoped they would be treated to a healthy dose of empathic discipline.

If only the brothers were that calm.

Jasper and Scott walked along the ledge without speaking, their footfalls echoing against the stone. Backs straight, jaws clenched, each man was going over the situation in his mind, trying to find a way to get their wives out of danger—quite impossible since they involved Marcus.

The Major and his Captain stopped at the east edge of the deck. Their audience—the entire situation—demanded discretion. To those watching, these newcomers were not their mates, but that didn’t change the fact that they really were. So while he couldn’t speak freely, Jasper was able to use his gift to convey his displeasure clearly. After reminding himself he would be speaking very freely, very soon, he was able to keep his voice indifferent. “Seems you come highly recommended.”

Alice and Diane stood on the opposite sides of the deck: silent, eyes down in submission. When Jasper’s anger washed over them they held in their reactive growls. This was not like last year, when their training sessions had been a family affair. Diane knew those below would be watching, waiting to see if the Major would be obeyed; anything less and he would be seen as weak—a target to be taken down. It was the way things worked. While Alice had little knowledge of what was required, Diane knew more. She had spent two decades as a military wife. Now that she was a vampire, blending the two worlds wasn’t hard at all, and she had schooled her sister well.

Too angry to be impressed, the Major laid down the same law he had for the other guards. “That recommendation may have gotten you in the door, but all that matters now is what you do here. And here, my word is law. Rule number one: My methods are my own and are not to be questioned. If you have a problem with that then I suggest you leave right now.”

"Turn and Turn About" by light4dawn
Jacob & Bella, Romance, Angst, M
Summary: Turn and Turn About: in turn, alternately, now one, now the other, equally. It's Bella's eighteenth birthday, and she is unwittingly forced to go to a birthday party organized by Alice Cullen. We all know what happens there, right? Well in this story, a turn of events results in Jake being invited too! What is young Jacob in for?

*** Chapter 8 Teaser ***
I finally found a master cylinder for the Rabbit and my father made good on his promise. Under normal circumstances, the car would have been worked on day and night, but something better came along. Bella.

The day she drove me home, when we almost got into a car accident, we spent an hour on the beach together without exchanging a single word. Unlike earlier, it didn’t feel awkward. Maybe because I knew she wasn’t suffering the way she had back at her house. Sure, she was far from happy, but she was engaged. Her eyes moved from the coastline, to the seagulls flying over us, and then down at the starfish and urchins in the tide pools.

I held her hand on the way there, and kept my fingers wrapped around hers. It felt right, and she didn't pull away. Once in a while when we came upon something unusual crawling around, or a hawk flew overhead, I’d feel her fingers squeeze harder with excitement.

The only bad thing about that day was getting back to the house to find Charlie waiting for us. He had gotten one of his deputies to drop him off in La Push and ended up driving home with Bella in the truck. I hid my disappointment while standing at the edge of the road as they drove away.

I smiled and waved, but Bella was facing forward. She was seemingly unaware of my lunatic waving, until the truck turned the corner and our eyes met. Just as they were about to be lost in the cover of the trees, a small, pale hand lifted up and pressed against the glass of the passenger side window. In that fleeing moment, Bella smiled—at me.

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