Sunday, September 9, 2012

Advocated! "Venom, Fangs, and Fairies" by @Krystal214

Jasper & Bella, Twilight/True Blood Crossover, M, WIP
Summary: The supernatural world is in danger when Alice and Edward conspire with the Volturi. Soul-mates Bella and Jasper, who is actually a unique hybrid bt/wn both types of vamps, bring their family and friends to help Eric & the TB crew before its too late. Set at the start of TB season 2 and a loose time-line for Twi as Bella is still human. Funny banter, sexy moments, & fights galore.


Crossovers are often over-looked in the world of fan fiction, which is why I purposely seek them out. Venom, Fangs, and Fairies is a virtually untapped source of yummy goodness, overflowing with great dialogue and a truly original plot line.

After all, what's better than vampires? Why, more vampires, of course! This story has an interesting way of merging two vastly different worlds. Those of the supernatural persuasion—whether they be shifter, were, or vamp—are all aware of the existence of both types of vampires. These two species are referred to as Venom Vampires and Fanged Vampires. The Venom Vampires are from the Twilight world. What sets them apart from their fanged counterparts is the hardened texture of their skin, the fact that they can walk in the sun without burning (though they do have a disco ball effect), and that they are venomous. The Fanged Vampires are from the Southern Vampires Mysteries world and , of course, have fangs, cannot be exposed to sunlight (unless they want to become bar b que), and are not venomous. Out of these two different species, there is only one in existence who is a mixture of both.

Jasper Whitlock's reputation proceeds him. His empathetic ability, coupled with his unique (and mysterious) parentage has made him one of the most feared creatures among the supernatural community. I'm keeping my lips zipped on just how he earned this reputation. You'll have to read the story to find out.

Jasper joined the Cullens in an attempt to slip under the radar. His status in the supernatural world tends to draw a crowd. So, he filled the role as mate to Alice and made a concerted effort to change his diet. He managed to keep things pretty low key for quite some time, but things changed when Jasper started to spend more time with Edward's girlfriend. As fate would have it, the prick of a finger changed the relationship between Bella and Jasper forever. While Bella and Jasper were engaging in a lover's tryst, Edward and Alice were pining and plotting.

Back in Bon Temps, Bill and Sookie, with the new addition of Jessica, make three. While they were still sorting out what's up and down and handling the new vampire, a human with very precious cargo arrived at Fangtasia. Pam was smitten with this demure girl's looks, but what she had to say was even more interesting.

From the very first paragraph, I've been hooked to this story, and it was Pam's characterization that totally sucked me in. I mean, if you're going to do Pam, you have to do her right or not bother trying. As for Bella, she's not the passive, ordinary girl we're used to seeing. She's a little hell cat in her own right. Sure, she has the most powerful vampire in existence by her side, but it could be argued that she's got her own back. Again, I'll just let the story do the talking here. ;-)

And can I just say that I love Krystal214's choice for the "bad guys" in this story. Granted, Bill Compton just happened to haphazardly fall into the bad guy role, but it suits him so well. I love how he tries so hard to save face in front of his Sookie, but the more he tries, the deeper the hole he digs. I've got news for you Bill, women don't like it when you make all the decisions that concern them, for them. Just ask Edward!

It's so easy to get carried away with this story and all the possibilities out there. In fact, I have a wish list.
1. Yummy threesomes.
2. The whole story of Jasper's hybrid transformation (I have a theory on this, by the way).
3. Public humiliation for Bill. If possible, in very public venues.
4. Since we're on a role, public humiliation for Alice and Edward.
5. Letting Sookie get in on some of the ass-kicking.
6. Sookie ♥ Eric.

So, Krystal214, if you could make these happen, I would be really really happy. Hell, I'd be happy with three out of six. As for the rest of you out there, I really do hope you'll take the time to read this little-known gem.



  1. I absolutely love this story and have spoken with Krystal on it and it remains one of those fic that if pops up as updated, I drop EVERYTHING to read it. Knowing what we talked about, all I can tell you is, this is NOT to be missed. She writes so beautifully, that it is a joy to read. Thanks for rec'ing such a wonderful writer, she definitely deserves it!