Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Stories from V Featured Authors

Check out the new Twilight fics from V featured authors that you might have missed.

"Letters to Corporal Masen" by solostintwilight

Edward & Bella, AH, Hurt/Comfort, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: Writing to offer a bit of home to a soldier overseas, she discovers words can bind a friendship. Lonely in war torn Europe, he finds hope in letters from a stranger. What happens when the war is over?

"Now or Never" by readingmama (Vampiremama)

Edward & Bella, MA/NC-17, One shot
Summary: Bella has been building up courage to ask her professor, she finds out he's even more willing than she anticipated. Pinch FAGE 4 story for AddictedNecker

"Pinky Swear" by moirae

Alice & Bella, Drama, Humor, Femslash, MA/NC-17, One shot
Summary: Sometimes friendship is a soothing balm on your soul. Sometimes it's a noose around your neck. Alice and Bella have been together so long, they no longer know the difference. Alice x Bella friendship. (Written for the Fic This Gif Contest)

"For I Have Sinned" by MariahajilE

Edward & Bella, AH, Drama, Angst, MA/NC-17, One shot
Summary: She is my Heaven. She is my Hell. I am a sinner, and she is my sin. Entry for the Taste of the Forbidden Contest. AH, lemon, language, and God.

"Bitterest Bullet to Bite" by lifelesslyndsey

Paul & Bella, Humor, Romance, MA/NC-17, One shot
Summary: A quick tale of chasing tail. Paul avoids Bella for years, and maybe it was for the better. Or worse. Just like marriage, which is ironic because of the whole imprinting thing. Probably not the welcome home present Bella had been expecting. A story of what could have been were things a little different. Also it's crack. Seriously. Written for The Majors Army Plot Bunny Boot Camp.

"Come Back Home" by idealskeptic

Leah, Friendship, Family, G, One shot
Summary: What happens to Leah Clearwater after the Volturi leave the Pacific Northwest? This is the story of an angry wolf girl transforming into the happy, hopeful girl everyone who knew and cared for her hoped she could be. She goes away for a little while, but she comes back home and makes things right. And she knows she's better for it.


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