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Tour Kickoff {Meet & Greet, Villain Repertoire & Giveaway} — Vigil by V.J. Chambers

We're kicking off the Vigil blog tour! Meet the V.J. Chambers, learn more about the villain, and enter to win one of three paperback copies. Also visit Vigil tour schedule for reviews, excerpts, guest posts, interviews, and individual eBook giveaways!

by V.J. Chambers
Publication: July 17th, 2013 by Punk Rawk Books
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense

When newspaper intern Cecily Kane kisses a masked vigilante, she doesn’t realize she’s plunging headlong into a relationship with two separate identities.

As Vigil, he is dark, sensuous, and irresistible. His touch skyrockets her to heights of pleasure. As Callum Rutherford, he is a billionaire playboy—arrogant, cold, and untouchable. She looks good on his arm, but without his mask, he holds her at arm’s length.

Sex with a masked man. Dinner with a rich sophisticate. A fractured relationship with a complicated man.

Deep down, he is broken, twisted in some dark, hidden way. Some way he won’t reveal to her. She only knows that it is somehow connected to his obsession with The Phantom, the costumed villain whose murder spree has rocked the city.

She must unravel Vigil’s secrets. To make him whole. And to stop The Phantom.

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Welcome, Valerie! The blog tour for your book, Vigil, kicks off today! How do you feel?
Very freaking excited!!

Describe Vigil in one sentence
Fifty Shades of Batman (minus the BDSM but still with lots of hot sex.)

What inspired the idea behind the book?
Um, I wanted to write a billionaire romance, and I was casting about for what I could do to make it different than most of the others out there. I considered having my billionaire be a spy, ala James Bond, and then I thought, "No! What if he was like Bruce freaking Wayne???" I got really excited about that, and everything sort of went from there. I would say, however, that Cecily is more Lois Lane than anything, so it's really like a kind of mash-up of D. C. Comics (with sex) and then a masked serial killer thrown in for good measure.

What was the most challenging part of writing it?
The middle. Always the middle. Every book I write gets challenging in the midsection. There's always a point in which I feel like the end is too far off, and I kind of want to give up.

Vigil is one of your many published works, but how does it feel to have your story out there in the hands of readers? Any different than when you released your first book?
Well, I was really excited about this book, because I kind of think it might be the best thing I wrote this year. I'm grateful for the readers that it's had thus far, and I'd really love to hear from anyone who read it, whether they liked it or not.

It's definitely less of a big deal to release a book than it used to be for me. The more you do something, the more it becomes old hat. And, I have to admit, I've been focusing on new work now that I've kicked Vigil out the door to sink or swim. :)

Besides writing, what other artistic talents do you have?
I like to play in Photoshop a whole lot. I used to draw and paint, but I pretty much only use my visual creativity for book covers these days. I also play guitar. I've been playing since I was sixteen years old, and I am only now learning to play barre chords, so, as you can see, I don't spend nearly as much time playing music as I do writing.

Are you currently writing another book?
I'm ALWAYS writing another book. And right at this very second, I'm having ADD and have started about five. I'm hoping that I pick one and settle down to get drafting on it exclusively soon.

What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Never give up. Don't stop believin'. Dream until your dream come true. There's a difference between successful authors and unsuccessful authors. Unsuccessful ones stop writing.

Current Obsession:
Female killers in love like Karla Homolka and Jasmine Richardson. (Apparently, it is also cool if they are from Canada?? I don't know what's up with that.)
Last thing you Googled:
Jasmine Richardson's name, to make sure I had it right.
You’re stressed. What’s the first thing you do or reach for?
My cat, Isis. Petting kitties is very stress relieving.
You write best with __MUSIC__ while __USING MY KINESIS ADVANTAGE KEYBOARD, TRACKBALL MOUSE, PROPER POSTURE—CARPAL TUNNEL IS THE PITS__ and in your __UM ... BEST CREATIVE MOOD??__. (I actually have OCD, and getting superstitious about writing can be debilitating for me, so I try as best I can to bust up any silly rituals I may have. The more I give in to them, the more they close in on me and make it impossible to do anything if stuff isn't "right.")
Inspiration hits, but you're not home or near your computer. You _____.
Wait and see if I think about it later or not. Really good ideas tend to stick with me. If the idea bugs me and bugs me and bugs me, then I know I need to write it.
Best writing resource:
Holly Lisle's website
Guilty pleasure:
The Vampire Diaries
Automatic buy-list author:
Mmm... I tend to find an author, read everything they ever wrote, and then move on and forget about them until something else reminds me they exist.
Favorite superhero romance:
This is tough, because I've only read a few, and none stick out to me. So I'm going to go with the Jean Grey-Wolverine arc in X-Men?
Favorite villain of all time
Vizzini from The Princess Bride. (Inconceivable!)
Character you wish was real so you could meet:e fix.
Well, there are tons, so I'm going to go with superheroes to narrow things down... Probably Spiderman. He seems like he has a good sense of humor, and I sympathize with his vigilante plight, since all the police officers hate him or whatever. Poor Spidey!!

The Phantom

Phantom of the Opera. Women's legs. Capes.
Background info:
Has been terrorizing the city by killing strippers and prostitutes that work near the docks. The women's torsos wash up, but The Phantom keeps their legs. (Eeew...)
Erik, the scarred opera "ghost" who kills people when he doesn't get paid!!
Secret identity
Jack Barclay, spoiled rich son of the late Frank Barclay, mob boss and sadist.
Connection to Vigil:
Well, they both wear masks. They both have secret identities who are rich. They both prowl the dark alleys of the city of Aurora. Beyond that... you'll have to read the book!
Vigil, because he keeps protecting his victims. Whitey-tighties. Victims that fight back.
Secret desire:
To convince Vigil to join him, so that they can stalk girls together. Because... he thinks they're the same.

V. J. Chambers likes bad boys, but she likes them to be actual bad boys, not misunderstood weaklings who cover up their emotional scars with a thin veneer of pretend bad-boy-ness.

She likes to tackle difficult philosophical questions. She likes to push fiction to the edge, to go just a little farther.

She writes stories about difficult people living difficult lives in difficult situations. Usually, there’s magic. Or monsters. Or space. Or gun fights. A lot of times, there’s also L-O-V-E. (Or at least uncomfortable conversations about sex.)

She’s the author of the Jason and Azazel series and many other stories for teens and adults. She lives in Shepherdstown, WV with her boyfriend Aaron and their cat.

Three paperback copies of Vigil by V.J. Chambers {US only}


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  2. You're welcome, Valerie! Thank YOU. :)

  3. This sounds great! Who doesn't want to read a book like Batman with lots of hot sex?! lol. Can't wait to read it!