Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Twilight of My Redemption" by Imraven

Since I first discovered Fan Fiction, I have been in search of a worth-while vampire on vampire crossover. Kinky. *smirks* I started out with True Blood/Twilight, and everything that I found was pretty predictable - Sookie was always paired with Eric. So, I gave up on that avenue and started to search out Vampire Diaries/Twilight fan fics. That's when I found Twilight of My Redemption.

I need to clarify that when I refer to The Vampire Diaries, I'm talking about the TV series on the CW and not the books. After the success of Twilight, I was expecting several knock-offs. At first glance The Vampire Diaries didn't seem like any more than that. However, being the female that I am, I couldn't help but notice the ever-yummy Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley *fans self* cast as the vampire brothers. I thought to myself, "this is definitely worth watching...for the plot line...yeah...the plot line". I turned out to be pleasantly surprised.

Let me try to sum up The Vampire Diaries as briefly as possible. The Vampire Diaries is set in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Stefan Salvatore is the new kid in school that is drawn to an Elena Gilbert. As it turns out, Elena is a dead-ringer for Stephan's old flame Katherine Pierce. The kicker is that Katherine lived in Mystic Falls in 1864. She was the vampire who changed Stefan and his older brother Damon. Katherine relished the attention she received from the Salvatore brothers. More than that she enjoyed putting them at odds with one another as they fought for her affection. This interesting love triangle is repeated in present-day, but instead with Elena cast as the lead female.

Elena is in love with Stefan but still cares for the ruthless and dangerous Damon. Once Damon realizes that Katherine really is a ruthless bitch, he finds himself also harboring feelings for Elena. Elena seems to see past Damon's hardened exterior to find the good buried deep inside of him. Unfortunately for all the lovebirds, Elena is Katherine's doppelganger. And as everyone knows, in order to kill one, you must kill the other. And lets just say that Katherine isn't very well liked by...well...anyone. Elena has entrusted Elijah, one of the "original" vampires, to protect her friends and family at the expense of her own life. Throw in some werewolves and witches and you have yourself the story line for The Vampire Diaries.

Twilight of My Redemption picks up during New Moon at Bella's infamous birthday party and quickly jumps to Edward's botched goodbye in the woods. As Bella lays broken on the forest floor, a pair of immortal eyes look on. A plan is hatched in her devilish mind.

As Bella's life comes unraveled, her body is racked by not only emotional pain. This is when the headaches begin, if they can even be called that. Mind-fucks would be more appropriate a term. Not only is there intense pain, but strange memories, and...blood. The headaches continue even after Edward's return. But in typical Bella fashion, she chooses to hide this information from him, after all Edward feels guilty enough, why add to his guilt? Yes, this is a canon pairing, but I assure you Bella does get a backbone. Besides, it was fun enough seeing Edward throw a major hissy-fit every time Bella mentioned Jacob, just think what will happen with the arrival of the dashing Salvatore brothers.*giddy giggles ensue*

Back in Mystic Falls, Katherine is entombed under the old church ruins. A carefully placed picture sets things in motion. Both Salvatore brothers now stand before her, demanding information...

"Back so soon?" She purred. "I knew you boys couldn't get enough of me."

Damon held up the picture with a snarl. "What or should I say who is this?"

Katherine's mouth formed a surprised "o" but was quick to collect herself.

"I guess a girl's privacy isn't sacred anymore. Did you get any kicks when you went through my lingerie?"

Damon nearly lunged passed the invisible barrier of the tomb in his anger but Stefan pulled him back.

"Just tell us Katherine." Stefan said tiredly.

"Who does it look like?" Katherine taunted back. This game was starting to amuse her.

"My sister is dead." Damon spoke through gritted teeth.

Katherine chuckled at his obvious torment. "Dead is such a relative term, especially in our world. You should know that by now, Damon."

This time it was Stefan who had to be held back from wrapping his hands around Katherine's neck.

"Do not play me." Stefan snarled struggling in Damon's grasp to get free.

"Let me out and I may tell you."

"Not a chance. You can rot in here for all I care." Damon told her.

"Then you'll never know." She gave a Gallic shrug before slipping back into the dark of the tunnel.

"We'll find her!" Damon shouted into the tomb.

"You better hope you do or it could be too late." Katherine's ominous words sang out from the darkness.

Yup, that's right. Isabella Swan is somehow a dead-ringer for Damon's and Stefan's deceased sister, Isabella Salvatore. Maybe Elena isn't the only doppelganger. Or maybe this is something entirely different.

Imraven does an exceptional job at capturing the characters in this unique story. Her Damon is spot on. And thank goodness she's added a little more moxie to her Bella. She actually gives Edward hell when he deserves it, unlike the meek Stephanie Meyer's Bella. But, just like Stephanie Meyer, the emotions of the characters are real, palpable.

One thing that I truly love about this story, is how Imraven kept the two different types of vampires. The Cullen's are still the luminescent granite-skinned, sleepless vampires. Meanwhile the Salvatore brothers are the more human-like flesh and blood vampires. When the two sets of immortals meet, each is baffled by the other. Alice and Edward's powers don't seem to work on the brothers, while Damon and Stefan instantly know there's something not quite right about the Cullens.

I literally do a little happy dance every time I get the e-mail notifying me that a new chapter has been posted for this story. Being that this story is a crossover, it doesn't get the credit it rightly deserves. So I thought I'd pimp out Twilight of My Redemption so Imraven can get the loVe that she is worthy of.

Twilight of My Redemption by Imraven
Rated PG - Edward&Bella - WIP
Summary: What if Bella Swan was the exact reincarnation of Isabella Salvatore, Damon and Stefan's beloved sister that had died tragically? What will the Salvatore brothers do when they find out she exists? How will this affect Bella's relationships?