Thursday, June 28, 2012

V Wicked Tease – 06/28

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Prologue of "Pumpkin Pie, Anyone?" by Kraftychik

Accepting E/B teasers. July is a Deviant Month!

"Pumpkin Pie, Anyone?" by Krafychik
Jacob & Bella, AH, Romance, Drama, MA/NC-17
Summary: Originally a o/s! Not a full fic. A/H Bella & Edward are having Thanksgiving dinner. Who's coming to dinner? Non other than Bella's charming co-worker. Will they make it to dessert?

*** Prologue Teaser ***
Bella only half-listened as Jennifer chattered on. She politely nodded and said 'really?' every couple of minutes as she made the pumpkin pie. Bella was not at all thrilled with this dinner arrangement. It was difficult enough to look at him at work. Now she had to see him on Thanksgiving too, along with his very bubbly, chatty wife.

Edward had informed Bella only three days ago that he'd invited their mutual co-worker to Thanksgiving dinner. Bella knew from conversations over the past year that Jacob had no family. His mother had passed away when he was young, and he'd lost his father just two years ago.

Bella enjoyed her job at the publishing company and Jacob, who sat right next to her…

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