Friday, June 1, 2012

June One Shot Staff Picks

Every month, we rec under-appreciated one shots we simply adore. So get comfy, try something new by checking out these short reads, and be sure to leave them some love.

"The Bigger Light" by@grrlinterrupted
Jacob & Bella, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: An all-human, New Moon role reversal: Jacob has been dumped by the woman with whom he was obsessed. Can Bella convince him life is still worth living? And what will happen when his first love returns? Written for the Remember When This Was Fun contest.
** Rec'd to us by theswandive

Arianna-janae: Now, I don't make a habit of reading Jacob and Bella stories, but this summary grabbed my attention. I wanted to read this story to get a glimpse of a different Jacob, and that's exactly what I got. Jacob's dealing with an enormous sense of loss, coupled with the realization of how difficult his life has really been. Before this story, I never really considered how the loss of his mother and the dependency of his father might take a toll on the young man. Couple that with the rejection of a first love, and we see Jacob crumble. Will Bella be there to pick up the pieces? Will Jacob be able to let her in and accept her support? Or will Jacob end up back in the arms of the same woman who scorned him? The Bigger Light packs a big punch for such a short story.

"Ripple" by AydenMorgen
Laurent & Irina, Mystery/Romance, M
Summary: They both paid the price for words unspoken and decisions made. Now ash and flame await her, but is it truly too late to speak the truth she carries in silence? Will he even hear her if she does? Vampfic. My Fandom Fights the Floods piece. Rated M.

Arianna-janae: The first thing that attracted me to this one shot was the pairing. I wanted to see what the author would do with a relationship that was just hinted at by SM. The opening scene is a chilling one, as well as a confusing one. Irina stands opposite her sisters, watching them struggle and resist the arms that restrain them. Everything seems surreal, and it's difficult to make sense of dream and reality. And then Laurent is there. At first he's just a thought, a guilty pleasure, but he has a message for Irina. She struggles with the need for him and the will power to push him away. He left her, after all. It's a wound that still festers, but seems anesthetized when he's near. She needs him on a primal level, but her heart both longs and hides from the truth. If he loved her, why did he leave? He keeps repeating "I never left," but his words only confuse her. She's felt so alone in his absence. He asks her to feel, and she does. She feels the lick of a flame over her flesh. The searing burn of the fire enveloping her. She screams his name with the last breath of air in her body. It is over, yet it has only just begun. Edward's question is answered. The soul lives on, even for the damned.

Check out the above one shots and please let the authors know what you think!

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