Thursday, November 1, 2012

November One Shot Staff Picks

Every month, we rec under-appreciated one shots we simply adore. So get comfy, try something new by checking out these short reads, and be sure to leave them some love.

"The Dark Man and the Pale Man" by light4dawn
Jacob & Edward (NON-SLASH), Angst, AU Post-NM, T
Summary: Two sworn enemies come together to assuage a common grief. What had life granted them? How had events unfolded in the past that neither felt the unforgiving sting of losing to the other, nor the satisfaction of winning the prize? NOT Slash!

RaindropSoup: You know that stinging sensation in your nose followed by rapidly blinking because you're about to cry? Yeah, "The Dark Man and the Pale Man" did that to me—blind-sided me with the feeling, actually. I'm a fan of bittersweet fics. They resonate and stay with me longer than HEAs do, and this one shot blew me away with its portrayal of love—the selfish yet no-conditions kind. With simple clarity and an amazing duality, light4dawn wrote two-sides of the same coin—Jacob and Edward in their love for Bella. It was heart-breaking and beautiful and so realistic in emotion. You have to read this if your favorite fic flavor is bittersweet. And the ending ... I'm rarely shocked anymore, but the ending made my gasp and then hurt a little more.

"Lost in Translation" by moirae
Maggie & Riley, AH, Romance, Humor, MA/NC-17
Summary: Riley and Maggie are from opposite ends of the earth but find themselves traveling together through beautiful Prague for a single week. Will the draw of temptation overcome the obstacles of distance?

kerigocrazy: The first thing that caught my attention was the pairing; I've never come across a Maggie/Riley fic, and I was intrigued. I'm so glad I stopped to check it out. "Lost in Translation" is the beginning of a love story; it's romance and humor and a dash of angst mixed with some wicked hot smut all in a small snap-shot. The present tense narrative gives the story a lyrical vibe, making the sex pure poetry in motion, and a wonderful sense of immediacy that draws you right in.
“My hands grasp his shirt. His fingers fist my hair. Our teeth clash painfully as we struggle to learn each other's kiss, but I don't care. It's awkward and funny and wonderful. Inside I'm laughing, but outside I'm take, take, take, and more, more, more. When we find our rhythm, I'm no longer laughing inside.

I'm burning”
There's everything you could possibly want in this short—and then some, including a sweet tale of a milk maid and a drummer boy, and an ending that leaves you smiling but still craving something more.

RaindropSoup: Moirae is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite authors. Her word choice, lyrical beat, submerging prose drags me into the story and her characters' heads, giving me the FEELS. Her Riley & Maggie are so natural together that it's inspiring and I question why the pairing isn't more common. The smexing is smokin' yet tasteful, too. You must check out "Lost in Translation" if you're looking for a new pairing to love.

"Shower Stall Confessions" by TwistedInMasen
Edward & Jasper, AH, Friendship, Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: I didn't notice that his head was turned, that he was watching me watch him.

Mmsimpy09: Slash is something new to me and I have to say, there is really something intriguing about Jasper and Edward paired together. That was what drove me to read this particular one shot and I thoroughly enjoyed what the author brought forth for us. It opens in the shower with a confused Edward admiring a very naked and wet Jasper. Edwards’s confusion and avoidance and portrayed wonderfully and it leaves you wanting more. The author manages to ensnare you in such few words and is well worth the read.

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