Monday, November 29, 2010

Our 1st de Vill's Advocate — "Neverending Night" by Arianna-Janae

Have you ever noticed that most Breaking Dawn fics are mainly about Renesmee? Usually when she’s older? We might get little snippets of the family, but really the story is just about a sexually charged and frustrated teen, right?

Well, this isn't. Never Ending Night by Arianna-Janae is completely overlooked being that it is a Breaking Dawn fic, and is entirely underestimated.

It takes place not a year after Bella's change. The main plot is about the Cullens making a new acquaintance, which could be rallying forces against them. What makes Never Ending Night so moving is that you get a better understanding of what a mother to a rapidly growing, utterly unique child can be like. That it is rewarding to see that your child is a sponge of knowledge, yet, devastatingly heartbreaking to somehow always have to hold them back. Because Renesmee noticeably grows, she can only make short acquaintances and is limited to how much time she spends with someone.

Bella is also finding out that being a vampire is not all about freedom. Especially, as she is a known target of the Volturi. Oh, and Charlie! Renee! *chuckles*

Anyway ... I don’t want to tell you all of it. But this is an excellent fic. Whether you like Edward or not, you loved Twilight and now have your wish for an awesome sequel. (Is Meyer even doing a sequel?)

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Rated VM16+ — Romance — Post-Breaking Dawn — WIP
Summary: The story picks up a few months after the end of Breaking Dawn. Bella has to confront her mother, & meets a few new friends ... and enemies. There is a new threat to the Cullens, and it seems he's raising forces against them.

*** "Neverending Night" completed 05/14/2011 ***