Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our First Contest!

Here at The LUV'NV, we love our villains.Yet, we know they can't possibly spend all their time plotting world domination.

And that's where you come in.

For our first challenge, we would like you to show us that your favorite villain is more than just a one dimensional killing machine. What happens when Maria meets her one true mate or Alec and Jane take a day away from torturing for a little sibling bonding time? Show us a secret rendezvous between Peter and Charlotte during the Southern Wars. The possibilities are endless.

We want to see all the sides to your favorite villain.
Torture, love, sex, killing... All of the above? At the same time? We'll leave that up to you.

1. All stories must include at least one act of villainy.
While we do want to see the other sides to our villains, we don't want to forget that they are the bad guys!
2. Pairings: Any, even slash, so long as they are from Twilight.
3. Length must be 2000+ words. No max.
4. Lemons aren't a must, but will be accepted. Also? Please rate your fics accordingly.
5. Collaborations are welcome and encouraged.
6. Entry must be beta'd. Please leave the FFn name, or Twitter name of your beta in your AN.
7. We will not accept bestiality or pedophilia.

We reserve the right to deny any fic based on the above rules.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.*

Submissions will be accepted from December 1st - December 31st.
Voting will take place January 1st - January 10th.
Winners will be announced January 12th.

Voting Details:
First place of both Reader's and Judge's choice will receive a custom made banner, as well as being interviewed and featured on The LUV'NV blog.

How to submit:
Post to your FanFiction.net profile and then email the link to contests@theluvnv.com.

Please include the following on the top of your entry:
Name of OS:
"Entry for the The Softer Side of Villainy Contest"
Word Count:

If you have any questions, send us an email contests@theluvnv.com .
All entries will be available to view on our C2 here!
Happy writing!