Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lifelesslyndsey's "Hit and Run" Reviewed by Spirare

Hey ya'll!  Spirare here and time for my very first story review. Admittedly, choosing a story for my first review was not easy. But the moment I crossed this one, I knew it had to be the one.

I'm talking about a pairing that is unheard of, and as of right now on FFn (seriously, I just checked) the only one its kind.

Now, those of you that know me, know of my complete and total adoration for this particular author. Everything she writes is brilliant. She can be snarky, witty, charming and damn you, Stephanie Meyer, but what can I say, the girl dazzles me.

I am, of course, talking about lifelesslyndsey and journey into the uncharted territory that is Bella and Alistair.

Hit and Run is a work in progress, just fourteen chapters in, but each new chapter adds new mystery and intrigue. It begins in the rain and leads you on a cross-continent adventure that is just... Epic.

Excerpt from Chapter One:
It was raining in England. It was raining in Forks. It was always raining.

I laughed at the irony as the rain drops splashed against the spider-webbed crack encompassing my windshield.

No matter where I was, the rain would find me.

Weakly, I scrambled for my phone, finding nothing but the shattered remains of my brand new iPhone, smashed to shiny, white pieces in what was once the passenger seat. To my right, my door was wrapped snug around a tree in a ditch off the side of the road, and I was alone in the middle of midnight country-side England.

I hated it here already.

Reaching my aching arms, ignoring the shocking pains of protest radiating down my right side, I weakly released the seat belt, groaning as it slid slowly across my body with a weak, drawn out zip. It was a long crawl across the compact car, to the passenger seat, tiny pieces of glass biting into the soft flesh of my palms, and slicing strips into the knees of my jeans. The hinges of the door were pinned in place by the impact, and I was forced to crawl through the blown-out window, crumpling to a heap on the ground outside the car, my head resting against the mutilated front fender. I let my head fall into my hands and kept myself from crying; in vain, of course.

Hit and run. Story of my life.

Left on the ground in the middle of nowhere in the rain, crying, after a painful and crushing blow to my life. The physicality of the incidents meant little; my mind in all its wayward wanderings, recognized the similarities.

Why the hell was it always raining?

With more self-determination than I ever showed in that forest back in Forks, I picked myself up from the wreckage and walked the lonely road.

Lifelesslyndsey's Bella is defiant yet vulnerable, both in perfect balance. And Alistair, well, he's a bit of an arse.

Excerpt from Chapter One:
Mr. Gracelow was not ill-equipped for taking prisoners, though I doubted very much he meant kitchen chairs and clothesline to tie up young girls. Or at least, I hadn't seen anything of the kind to raise suspicion. One could never know or understand the ways of isolated humans. And he was rather isolated, here out in the country.

The thought only served to deepen my suspicions on the girl. What on earth was she doing here, and at such a late hour? I could not help but consider the possibilities that there would be more to follow her, and perhaps not of the human kind. Could there be vampires to come?

Of course there could. There always could. I hadn't lived as long as I had thinking otherwise.

I perched myself on a battered wooden stool that tipped to the right, but held me none the less, and waited for her awakening. The bedroom was dark, nothing but long slats of moon light, and shadows between the blinds, making lines across the bed. It began with a twitch, wrists itching against the course confines of the rope, and then her head snapped up, umber eyes not unlike the color of cinnamon blinking up at me in rapid succession.

"Who are you?" I asked without preamble. I wasn't one to play games when my continued existence was in question. And it was always in question. "Answer me, girl."

"Bella," she said shortly, her glaring brown eyes lifted in defiance, in challenge. "Who are you?"

She was cocky, brimming with misplaced courage, and I was forced to wonder yet again if she was expecting a rescue. However, I sensed no one in a proximity that could be considered a threat, and I took her courage for what it was. A bluff.

"My name," I said quietly, leaning forward on my stool to close the distance between myself and my captive, "is Alistair."

While Breaking Dawn showed Alistair to be somewhat of a coward, lifelesslyndsey offers us a completely fitting background and you soon find yourself kind-of-sort-of-maybe liking him. Just give it a try. I promise you'll adore it.

You can find Hit and Run here, and after you check it out just go and read everything by lifelesslyndsey. You won't regret it.

Until next time, my lovelies.