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Cesca Marie Pursued by Arianna-Janae

Author Name: Cesca Marie
Stories: The Hideaway - Edward & Bella, Dead On My Feet - Edward & Bella, The Devil You Know - Alice & Jasper

Where to find Cesca Marie: Fan Fiction

Arianna Janae: Here we have Cesca Marie in all her royal awesomeness. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Cesca Marie: I'm a tiny Canadian, enjoying the freedom of my twenties. I live with some interesting people (whose quirks frequently make their way into my stories)and am always surrounded by books. I'm a complete CanLit dork.

Arianna Janae: I think being a dork is a prerequisite for those of us who read Fan Fiction. Speaking of which, how did you get introduced into Fan Fiction?
Cesca Marie: I was in high school when a friend introduced me to the Harry Potter fandom.

Arianna Janae: I must confess, I’ve never read the Harry Potter books. *ducks head* I do plan to remedy that one day. What was it about the Twilight Saga that made you want to write Twilight fan fiction?
Cesca Marie: Everything between the lines that Meyer didn't write, really. My mind wanders to the potential scenes unwritten or characters unexplored in any novel.

Arianna Janae: Do you have a favorite character from the Twilight Saga and if so, why that character?
Cesca Marie: I've got a soft spot for Jasper because he reads like the oddball of the family, always slightly on the outside.

Arianna Janae: Can you tell us a little bit about your story, The Hideaway?
Cesca Marie: It's set in a remote hotel that secretly caters to vampires, owned and operated by Bella's family. She's a fairly typical teenager – cynical,thinks she knows something about the world – and doesn't much care for the vampires her family shelters.
Halloween is posited as a vampire feeding frenzy, since no one looks too closely at a freak on Halloween and it's easy for a few people to go missing late at night. Edward enters as a nomadic vampire (as in, his canonical binge from the 1930s never ended), and the two quickly get on each other's nerves. Edward's lifestyle has limited his ability to think ahead, and when he kidnaps Bella to avoid an unpleasant encounter with his former family, he makes the plan up as he goes along. By the end of the evening Bella hates his guts, but Edward has formed an attachment, which he exercises over a year of letter writing. In that sense it's a good old-fashioned romance, falling in love through the pen.

Arianna Janae: What inspired you to write this story?
Cesca Marie: I had the line "You survived Prohibition. I'm sure you'll come up with something," kicking around in my head for a while before I signed up for the Halloween countdown. Once I made up my mind to use it, the rest fell into place: Edward, trapped in one space and bored for an extended period of time; add the premise of the hotel and Halloween, and it's set.

Arianna Janae: Do any of your characters have pieces of yourself in them?
Cesca Marie: Sometimes little quirks slip in, but there isn't much of me in The Hideaway. I don't really relate to the characters' situation.

Arianna Janae: One of my favorite aspects of this story is the different personalities that you give Edward and Bella. Bella has real moxy and Edward is a little…less-poised in this fic.
Cesca Marie: The personalities of Edward and Bella are influenced a good deal by their circumstances. Decades as a nomad has affected Edward's ability to relate to people, since he has existed without prolonged connection for so long. Bella's childhood in a remote building, surrounded by vampires, has made her a little resentful, and her youthful inexperience tends to color her responses.

Arianna Janae: Would you ever consider a non canon pairing? If so, is there one that pops into your head?
Cesca Marie: I'd like to do something with Jane. Most of the time she's asexualized in stories because her character is either a tool of violence, or because she was so young when she was changed. Sexuality begins at birth, and I think it would be interesting to explore her romantic expressions with another vampire. Maybe Demitri, since they're both cerebral hunters.

Arianna Janae: The Hideaway is written from Bella's perspective. Would it have been difficult to write this in Edward's point of view, given his extra vampire-ness?
Cesca Marie: It would have been much more erratic from his perspective. Isolation means he hasn't developed the great impulse control we see in canon, so his thoughts jump around much like a newborn's. His narration would have been too jarring to make a good story.

Arianna Janae: I know this story was a Halloween special, but there are several people out there who are dying to know how Edward and Bella's relationship continues in this story. I have to say that I'm more interested in what we didn't observe from Jasper and Alice. Is there any chance of an elaboration on their meeting?
Cesca Marie: I've been toying with a continuation of this that includes more Alice and Jasper, but it's on the far back burner right now while I conclude other projects.

Arianna Janae: A little hope is all we need; besides, we have Dead On My Feet to entertain us in the meanwhile. *smiles* Do you have any other stories in the works? If so, can we get a little teaser?
Cesca Marie: Right now it's all Dead On My Feet. I don't want to get distracted. My goal is to finish it well.

Arianna Janae: For those who aren’t familiar with the awesomeness that is Dead On My Feet, here is a short summary:
Recovering from a serious illness, Edward knows what it is to be invisible but obvious to everyone around him. Bella, who has watched a loved one die of protracted illness, understands the tightrope-act of life in an unpredictable body. Alienated by his disease, Edward finds a friend in Forks' newest resident. The only problem is that she sees far more than anyone else does – including the things he doesn't want seen.

I’m sure the ending to Dead On My Feet will be perfection. I won’t even be mad if you kill Edward off. *wink* Thank you sooo much for allowing me to pick your brain.

Cesca Marie: Thank you for interviewing me.


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