Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Family Ties and Guarding Hearts" by kas90

I just started reading this fic, and I had to share. It's called Family Ties and Guarding Hearts by kas90. Though it's a WIP, it has 28 Chapters, and it's completely underestimated being that it is Edward and Bella. I know, I know, the last AdVocated story was Canon, but damn it, this fic is good.

Excerpt from Chapter One:
In an attempt to save face, I flung my wrists free and ran my fingers through his thick bronze hair and yanked it back.

"Yeah, real smooth, jack-ass. Do you really have to convince all your women to have sex with you? I thought all those girls in high school were just compliant, but maybe they were just easily persuaded. At least I was never one of your mindless skanks."

His left arm now moved beneath me to hold up my ass while his right hand now moved down my body, across my abdomen, and started rubbing right where I wanted it most. 'Oh magic fingers, please don't stop.'

"No, you were just a stuck up bitch who couldn't open her eyes enough to see the light of day."

I lifted my head so I could meet his piercing gaze. "Oh, I opened my eyes, baby. I just didn't like what I saw."

I love a smart ass Bella. Don't you? But story's characters aren't the only thing great about it. Family Ties and Guarding Hearts contains descriptive lemons, making you pant as you feel yourself getting pulled to into Bella's mind. It's the drama of two strong and willful characters that get pulled together involuntarily. Check it out and give kas90 some love!

Family Ties and Guarding Hearts by kas90
WIP — Angst/Romance — AH — RS18+
Summary: Edward and Bella never crossed each other's paths at Forks High. But after 10 years, a high school reunion, and a fatal accident, will these now adults be able to put aside their differences for the sake of their families? For each other?

*** "Family Ties and Guarding Hearts" completed 03/05/2011 ***