Monday, December 20, 2010

Lifelesslyndsey Pursued by CareMarie

Author Name: lifelesslyndsey

* Stories: Oh wow. There is a lot of them. I've been a busy bee.
1. Once Bitten, Twice ShyPeter/Bella *completed*  2. Alpha Fail Sam/Bella *completed*  3. Mood Ring Jasper/Bella *completed*  4. Hit and Run Alistair/Bella *WIP*  5. Peices of Me Peter/Bella *completed*  6. Bury it in Canada Emmett/Bella *completed*  7. Loba Bella's tal Jacob/Bella *completed*  8. Foreign Territory Paul/Bella *completed*  9. Five Seconds To Death Peter/Bella/Jasper *WIP*  10. Awkward Embry/Bella *continuation postponed but pending*  11. Hush Little Baby Peter/Bella O/S  12. Twice Bitten : The SortOfSequel to OBTS Peter/Bella *continuation postponed but pending*  13. The Inside Job Carlisle/Bella O/S  14. The Unlimited Birthday Ficlet Post! Random Pairings for my Girls  15. Mouth Jasper/Bella O/S  16. Backseat Bloodshed Jasper/Peter O/S colab with my girl Lacym3  17. From the Mouths of StrangersJasper/Peter/Bella *WIP*

CareMarie: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Lifelesslyndsey: I'm an agoraphobic mother of one. I'm not particularly fond of Twilight, but I love me some Fanfic. I like Tim Burton movies, and I have an unnatural obsession with a show called Supernatural, (castiel. mmm.) I like cake more then I should, and I have a three-legged poodle. My dad is my hero, and I swear to much.

CareMarie: How did you get introduced into Fan Fiction?
Lifelesslyndsey: Total accident, actually. I was googling Lunar Cycles for the new year (about two years ago) and some how I ended up on Twilight, Like I said, I have no deep love for Twilight, but some of the fanfic is awesome, and endless in supply which is fine by me. I love to read. I'll read almost anything. I read shampoo bottles and food ingredients.

CareMarie: Do you remember the first story you read?
Lifelesslyndsey: I don't, but I remembered it was Jacob/Renesme ( I didn't know any better ) and it was really good. Then I stumbled upon non-cannon and my world was never the same.

CareMarie: Is there a story behind your pen name?
Lifelesslyndsey: It's a joke between my husband and I. I'd have probably been more creative had I known I was going to write. Originally, I had only intended to review, but... well, you can see how that ended. Anyways, it's mocking my general inability to leave my house, interact socially, or generally carry on or engage in social activities. I'm epic retard when it comes to interacting with people.

CareMarie:What story(ies) are you reading right now?
Lifelesslyndsey: Not a whole lot, actually. Conversations with My Killer by Oracle Vas, Release by Spirare, The Last Mile by catonspeed, Vermilion by Lacym3 and a small handful of others I can't even remember any more.

CareMarie: Do you have a favorite character and if so, why that character?
Lifelesslyndsey: Peter, mainly, if you could not tell. I like him because he's got a slight character-build to work with from Stephanie Meyer, but he's totally moldable. You can do whatever you want with him, and no one can really complain. Although, I'm falling more and more in love with Alistair with every chapter of Hit and Run I write. He's a clean slate with a British accent. I really hope more people write Bella/Alistair because I want to read it. In the end though, I'm Team Bella. I'll probably never write a fic that isn't Bella. I like a Ballsy Bella, and I think that Edward kind of put the smack-down on her natural rebel side.

--About Stories--

CareMarie: First off, tell us a little bit about your stories.
Lifelesslyndsey: Once Bitten, Twice Shy started out as a really strange idea, that I didn't expect to be all that popular. I mean, an angel? Most people had a hard time getting into it, and said as much. But I'd like to think that Peter being an Angel was hardly the focus of the story. It didn't overrule it. That story was just ruthless to write. Character death is hard, not to mention the whole story was accidentally about God. I expected to be flamed by the Super Christians for bastardizing Christianity, but it never came.

Hit and Run is actually inspired by a story I am writing outside of the fandom, but to which I will give you no details. In the end they are totally different. When I first posted Hit and Run, I was so nervous, because it's a crazy ass pairing you know? I didn't think any one would read it. But, amazingly, it's blown up. I've had a phenomenal amount of support and reviews for that story, more then I could have ever imagined. I probably sniffled when it hit 1k reviews. Just a little. Hey, shut up, I'm emotional.

Five Seconds To Death is my other WIP. It's just another story I'm taking a chance on. There aren't a lot of plot-based threesome fics. At this point in the story though, it's less threesome and more terrible, terrible love triangle. It's complicated, and most people don't like to see ass-hole Jasper, or angry Peter, or vicious newborn Bella, for that matter. But I think it's good to step out of the Fandom BeeHive Mentality. They can't all be Gods of War, or Comedic Buddies, or Newborns With Perfect Control. I think every one should endevor to mix it up, you know?

CareMarie: Why did you pick the pairings that you did?
Lifelesslyndsey: I just really love non-cannon. The rarer the better. It started out with Sam, and after that, I couldn't stop writing crazy pairs. It's my goal to write Bella in as many pairings as I can. I don't think I'll get through the Volturi, but I'm going to get at least one of the guards in. I'm already through all the Cullens, half the pack, and a few of the Nomads.

CareMarie:Do you have a favorite point of view to write in?
Lifelesslyndsey: First. Because it's easy and I'm a loser. I have a lot of respect for writers who use third person. In my opinion, it's more complicated, but it also makes for more interesting stories. But, oddly enough, this rule only stands for this Fandom. When I write my (perpetually unposted) Supernatural Fics, or the occasional (don't hit me) Harry Potter fic, I use third. It's weird. I have some sort of mental block for Third person in Twific.

CareMarie:Was there a part in the Twilight Saga that inspired you?
Lifelesslyndsey: Not particularly. I think that Stephanie Meyer had a good idea, but her execution needed some help. I think that a lot of the fanfic out there is way better then the original. I actually can't even read the original any more. I doubt I could sit through the movies without thinking "she belongs with peter." I've got a very stubborn mind. Now, when I watch the movies, all I can think is "Edwards kind of a controlling ass" and "Bella needs a spine" and "I have no respect for Book Four and it's mutant little freak baby" and "dude, Jacob only liked her for her unborn baby." You can see how this would be a problem.

CareMarie:How did you decide to post your stories?
Lifelesslyndsey: Ugh. You know, I deleted the very first story I ever posted. It was Jasper/Edward (oh yeah, I get my slash on). I intend to repost. Sometimes when I look back at my early (and by that I mean unbeta'd) stories, I cringe. But, I had so many ideas, and I just wanted to get them out there. And from there it kind of grew on me. And the more I wrote, the better I got. I have It's weird, sometimes, but also kind of awesome. I love replying to reviews, so I like it when I get really excited people who ask a zillion questions and quote me, and tell me what they think I'm thinking. I love that. I'm still amazed at the amount of reviews I get. But I get just as excited for review five, as I do for review five-hundred.

CareMarie: Have you ever changed your story outline based off of a review? If so, what was the review and what did you change?
Lifelesslyndsey: I flat out refuse to. It's my story you know? A lot of people, when I was writing OBTS, were like 'no, change her! change her!' But that wasn't what the story needed. I don't think there is anything wrong with writing a story people want to read, but when it comes down to me, I'd rather write a story I'd want to read.

CareMarie: Do any of your characters in your story remind you of yourself?
Lifelesslyndsey: Peter and Bella from OBTS. Both of them, really. The religious conotations and neurosis's in that story are all mine. Actually, I think I put a bit of myself in all my stories. I don't think that any one can help that. We draw from personal experiences whether we intend to or not. It's easy to write what you know.