Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Stories from V Featured Authors

Check out the new Twilight fics from V featured authors that you might have missed.

"Looper" by Mrstrentreznor

Tyler & Bella, AU-Twilight, M, One Shot
Summary: What if Bella's future self came back to warn her off?

"Set Fire to the Rain" by kerigocrazy

Paul & Seth, Slash, Romance, Angst, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: After a decade spent tied to an imprint who wants anything but what she's been given, Paul has hit an emotional rock bottom. Can Seth change the course of his future? Is it even possible to get past the imprint? My entry for the "C'mon Baby Light My Fire" O/S Contest on JBNP.

"Quiet" by idealskeptic

Esme, Tragedy, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: There's a big scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 2 that's just a vision. But what if it wasn't? What if it actually happened? What would Esme hear, see, think, and do? ... obvious movie spoilers, so you've been warned.

"Crazy Perfect" by TwilightMommyof4girls

Bella, Drama, Romance, MA/NC-17, Completed
Summary: This story was written more than a year ago but was lost in a computer crash before being posted. It was just recovered so I decided to share it in my effort to get everything updated and completed. There are three chapters and an epilogue.

"Long Ride Home" by Mrstrentreznor

Claire & Quil, Romance, K, One Shot
Summary: How does grown up Claire cope with being told that Quil is her soul mate? Drabble fic. less than 500 words.

"The Beautiful Girls" by Kyilliki

Sulpicia and Athenodora, Family, T, One Shot
Summary: The end of Breaking Dawn, from the perspective of the Volturi wives. An AU where Didyme lives, written for a request.

"Long, Tall Sally" by LJ Summers

Angela & Garrett, Romance, AU-Eclipse, T, Complete
Summary: Nomad Garrett Sawyer happens upon traces of his old friend Carlisle Cullen. Wary, he eventually follows the entire Cullen Coven to none other than a high school graduation ceremony and his existence is profoundly re-directed. An Eclipse AU, written for The Edge Girls.

"Definitions" by meliz875

Wolf Pack, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: "When a defining moment comes along, you define the moment, or the moment defines you." Glimpses into the lives of the Twilight wolf pack. A place to keep my drabble fics, prompts and other misc. writing. Rated M to be safe. Will likely span multiple characters/genres

"Time Heals All Wounds" by Speklez

Demetri & Bella, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: Tragedy introduced them, common ground brought them closer and heartbreaking circumstances will tie them together. A/U A/H OOC and all that fun stuff. Normal disclaimers apply.

"Bonfires and Burns" by Mrstrentreznor

Bella, AU-New Moon, K, One Shot
Summary: An unnamed wolf tells his child a story to distract him when he is hurt. Second prize JBNP Fall Festivities 2012 anon one shot competition.

"Up to My Neck" by Kyilliki

Kate & Garrett, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: Kate, Garrett, and a romance at the margins.


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