Thursday, December 13, 2012

V Wicked Tease – 12/13

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Chapter 23 of "Corporate Affairs" by chocaholic123 **Edward & Bella**
Chapter 10 of "Spinal Cord" by Midnight Ariel **Jasper & Alice**

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Chapter 44 of "Monster" by The.Bloody White.Wolf.xoxo **Emmett & OC**

"Corporate Affairs" by chocaholic123
Edward & Bella, Drama, Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: Bella is a Management Consultant who works hard and plays harder. Edward is a Union Leader who fights for his workers' rights. She is brought in to change things at the Car Factory. He won't let her. The fight is on, attraction becomes obsession, and the lines between love and hate are blurred. BxE, AH, OOC. Rated M for eventual lemons.

*** Chapter 23 Teaser ***
“I’m telling you not to do it. You really don’t know what kind of hell you’ll be unleashing if you go against me.” The sky outside darkened as the storm continued, reflecting the atmosphere inside the office.

“You can’t threaten me.” Bella tried to keep her voice steady, despite feeling like her heart was stuffed halfway up her throat. “I’m not scared of you.”

“Well you should be,” Aro hissed, moving even closer to her, breathing heavily out of his mouth as he took hold of her wrist and started to squeeze it. “You can do this the easy way, or you can do this the hard way, but there’s no chance on earth I’m going to let you call in the police.”

"Spinal Cord" by Midnight Ariel
Alice & Jasper, Horror, Suspense, MA/NC-17
Summary: NWB sequel. A mysterious illness breaks out. Zombies are on the loose, and Jasper is summoned to help. Why are vampires needed to fight zombies? Come on a journey filled with rotting flesh and warring covens. This is not your typical zombie me.

*** Chapter 10 Teaser ***
“How can you ask me to use my ability for something so evil?” Horrified, Alice stepped back, putting her hand to her chest. “Isn’t enough that I’ve had to watch? To do nothing as hundreds of humans died? Now you want me to…to…” Her fists shot down to her sides as she used all her effort to force her scream into a whisper. “Jasper, please. I can’t. It’s too much.”

A mix a terror and agony shot from her like a bolt, pinning Jasper with the realization that everyone has their breaking point, and Alice was quickly reaching hers. Everything around him went still and quiet as Jasper’s protective nature demanded he assign blame for his mate’s distress.

She should never have come here. Alice is right, it’s all too much for her. If it weren’t for Diane, she’d still be at home.

Realization stilled him, even as Alice continued to plead. He nodded minutely at his musings. Diane—if not for her, Alice would be safe with the family, far away from here, and all the horrors that awaited them. Diane was to blame. Jasper was sure of it.

“Jasper?” Alice was watching him with wide eyes. Taking a timid step forward, she stopped. “What’s wrong? Are you terribly disappointed in me? Why you won’t answer?”

Tamping down his rage, he shook his head. “Easy, darlin’, it’s okay. I understand. Come here.” He wisely held out his hands, knowing she wouldn’t take to kindly to being pulled close at the moment. “I’ll find another way, I won’t ask again.”

She shifted her weight. “Really?”


Relief washed over her as she hurried into his arms. “I’m sorry.”

Holding her, the Major rested his chin on the top of her head, his hard gaze fixed in the direction of his army—of his sister. “It’s not your fault, darlin’. I never should’ve asked.” His kissed the top of her head. “Let’s get back.”

"Monster" by The.Bloody White.Wolf.xoxo
Emmett & OC, Angst, Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: I am a monster—born to protect, yet living only to kill. My humanity is gone, all until one harmless glance changes everything. Just one glance has bound two sworn enemies together. But is it fate or a joke? Can one who has lost herself be found again by another? Or is this another dark, dirty, trick of my own mind? A forbidden passion, heat, and intense anger—this is no fairytale.

*** Chapter 44 Wicked Teaser ***
As I near, a breath of air stirs the brush, shaking the forest. The gentle serenity found in the warmth of Emmett's arms is choked out by the cold reality of the world that I belong in. A world where dormant genes change boys into soldiers in the blink of an eye; where any well-grounded individual may become a monster by dawn.


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