Thursday, February 7, 2013

V Wicked Tease – 02/07

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Chapter 62 of "Monster" by The.Bloody White.Wolf.xoxo **Emmett & OC**
Chapter 19 of "The End, The Beginning" by starpower31 **Edward & Bella**

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"Monster" by The.Bloody White.Wolf.xoxo
Emmett & OC, Angst, Romance, MA/NC-17
Summary: I am a monster—born to protect, yet living only to kill. My humanity is gone, all until one harmless glance changes everything. Just one glance has bound two sworn enemies together. But is it fate or a joke? Can one who has lost herself be found again by another? Or is this another dark, dirty, trick of my own mind? A forbidden passion, heat, and intense anger—this is no fairytale.

*** Chapter 62 Teaser ***
The pack drags their asses back to Sam's. Many drop like flies the second they're through the door while others have yet to burn off the buzz that leads to half-naked wrestling matches and drunk imprint sex in the guest rooms. Once the shouts fade into snores, I make my escape.

I pass through the living room with a bottle gripped between my fingers, stepping over piles of runts whose mouths hang smeared with evidence of their late-night snack raid. Cans of soda, crushed Doritos bags, and broken glass of what used to be beer litter the floor around them. Above my head, the synchronized snores drag on.

I've wasted the darkness away in the kitchen, alone when there isn't someone rushing in to steal from the fridge or crashing through the doorway in a storm of cracking noses and heated threats. I pull bottle after bottle from the stash hidden above the counter until the purples, reds, and blues come to visit. They secure me through the moaning and giggling prodding at my self control and prying my iron grip from the edge off the counter By the time my body heat devours the burn, a dull light seeps through the shades on the windows and I have enough sense to force my stiff legs to carry me out to the porch.

Humidity soaks the world outside, sticky on my skin. The greens and grey settle into place as I lean against the wall, holding everything together. For a long moment, everything is so quiet, I'm almost convinced the forest is a soft, gentle place with no struggle or interruption.

But then the door creaks open and a woman dressed in a thin white gown steps through, shattering my moment of false reality with a smile full of hesitant innocence. It makes me sick.

"The End, The Beginning" by starpower31
Edward & Bella, Romance, Crime, AH, MA/NC-17
Summary: "Are you guys lunatics? Edward is not some mob boss!" My life was supposed to be perfect. Everything was done - I was going to London. But then... Agent Jacob Black came into my life. And with him, came Edward. Now that they're here, I'm surrounded in a world of crime I can't get out of. Is it wrong that I don't WANT to get out? AH. Might be a little graphic for some. Mafiaward.

*** Chapter 19 Teaser ***
I knew in that very moment who Natalia must have been. It sounded like one of those fake names that strippers use in clubs anyway.

But I told my brain to shut up. I was…am in denial.

What do they say? Yes, ignorance is bliss.

I walk up behind him, and I can feel the tension rolling off of him in waves. I know he won’t reply to the guard. I bend forward slightly and say into the mouthpiece, “Send her in.”

Edward’s finger flies off the answer button on the intercom like it burned him.
His eyes snap to mine, and he looks positively terrified. “Bella…” he starts.

I simply turn on my heel and walk into the bedroom, not acknowledging him. I pick up his sweats and a t-shirt, and walk back into the living room, only to see him standing in the same position.

“Put some clothes on,” I say, handing them to him. He hesitantly takes them from me, his eyes searching my face for what I’m feeling inside. Once, I used to be an open book. But pretty soon I realized that you let people see what you actually feel, and they’ll target your weakness like the vultures they are. So, I perfected my poker face. “I’ll be in the kitchen. Let me know when you’re done talking to…”

I don’t continue. I can’t. Clearing my throat, I nod and turn away once again.


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