Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vouched Book! The Fidelity Files by Jessica Brody

The Fidelity Files
Jessica Brody
Publication: June 10th 2008 by St. Martin's Griffin
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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A beautiful L.A. woman goes undercover as a “fidelity inspector” to find out who’s faithful and who’s not in this dazzling commercial debut.

Working under the code name Ashlyn, Jennifer Hunter is hired by suspicious wives and girlfriends to conduct her infamous “fidelity inspection” on the men in their lives. Between bachelor parties and business trips, "Ashlyn" has successfully exposed hundreds of unfaithful men. Of course, she never actually sleeps with any of them; she tests for an intention to cheat only. But Jen's double life starts to take its toll and her friends suspect that the reason she hasn't had a date in two years is more complicated than the demands of her supposed “investment banking” career. And when a suspicious email surfaces with her picture on it warning men of her real motives, Jen fears that her secret identity is in danger of being uncovered. Plus, her best friend Sophie now plans to hire “Ashlyn” for an inspection of her own! Just when it seems like nothing is going her way, Jen meets sexy, sophisticated Jamie Richards. She knows there's no room for romance in her life, but she finds herself more and more drawn to him. It doesn’t take long to realize it’s time to retire Ashlyn for the sake of true love but not before taking on one last assignment--a job which will change everything.

The Fidelity Files was a very well written story about a woman who fights the good fight for the women in the world against the heartache of infidelity. However, I do believe that she opens a new can of worms for her 'clients' when she performs her test. She has her heart in the right place, but goes about it in a way that makes me cringe. I mean, she is exposing liars and traitors, yet she is lying to her friends...and later on, the man she wants to give her heart to. I do like the symbol that she uses for her business, the red A of adultery given to the main character in The Scarlet Letter. The Fidelity Files is a good story because she's not only fighting for other women, she also fights her own struggles from her childhood and the discovery of her own father's infidelity. Jennifer is a secret agent of sorts, but her cover slowly unravels and it's interesting to read how she scrambles to cover it up or tell her friends the truth. All in all, a very good read for the romantic at heart and for those that want 'justice' for past hurts.


  1. Sounds like quite a dilema, the test and then lying to her own friends. Glad you liked it though.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. Wow, this sounds interesting and I am not sure I could do her job. I love the symbol too. I may grab this just to see how she handles the dilemma.