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Vouched Fic! "To Belong" by quickbunny01

"To Belong" by quickbunny01
James & Bella, Supernatural, Humor, AU, MA/NC-17, Complete
Summary: An AU where Bella is human but lives with the Volturi and is sent as a spy to observe the Cullen's. What will happen when the Cullen's find out who she really is? AU, OOC

Hmm... now, why would I be rec'ing a James fic under a ruse of a Vouched Volturi Fic? The first thing that comes to mind is I do whatever I want. However, the real answer to that comes in the very first chapter of this delightful spin on the Twilight Saga. In this story, James and his coven are not a coven of nomads hell bent on beating the shit out of Bella and her sanity, but rather are Volturi Guards themselves making me not out of my mind, thank you very much.

While normally non-canon fics are a 'forget canon ever happened 'cause Imma do this instead', Miss quickbunny decided not to follow the status-quo and instead used it to her advantage. Everything that happened in the real Twilight did happen in this one and this story starts at the baseball clearing. There is still the game that is interrupted by James and crew, but it's not for the same reason because Bella isn't who she said she was.

GASP... Little Bella is a dirty little liar who also works for the Volturi. When James and company show up, it's a 'rescue mission' so to speak and when we find out all about Bella's lies and her reason for being with the Cullens in the first place.


However, I'll tell you about that later. First, lets get to the long over due and much missed rough and tumble in the sheets with the ever sexy James, shall we? There is no fear in either of them that the little human will get hurt and James doesn't hold back anymore than he should to not break his little woman in half. After some glorious smex, you would think that everything is all peaches and perfect, right? WRONG... not five minutes later, they are at each other's throats, bickering like an old married couple. Aren't they cute?

Doesn't last long, however and then they are back to being not homicidal and instead get to the nitty gritty of Bella's discoveries of the Cullen Coven and their exposure risk of being so entangled in the humans around them. Once that's out of the way, an original character goes about the task of making Bella a not so memorable member of Forks society while an 'invitation' is extended to the Cullens to join them on the flight back to Italy.

On the flight, the Cullens get to see the guards play a rousing game of  'toss the human', a fun, light hearted time before Alec opens his mouth and reveals a BIG mistake that James made during Bella's absence. If you thought that men loved their cars, no man on the planet will ever come close to just how attached Bella was to hers or how pissed off she was to find out James wrecked it.

Small little detail right? Something that shouldn't have been worth mentioning. Normally, it wouldn't be. However, here, it is a big thing that is explained after a debriefing with the masters. More of Bella's secrets come to light when she calls Aro 'Papa' in front of the Cullens. The poor little veggies are so confused and so hurt that none of them can look at her and, for some reason, it makes Bella sad. But really? What did she expect after months of lies and leading them on to think she was someone completely different than who she said she was?

Silly little human.

But... back to the car. Though James was the one that wrecked it, it turns out it wasn't wholly his fault. A depressed and sulking male vampire that was missing his mate was egged on by other guards to have a race in an attempt to get him out of his funk... right after a huge storm that knocked down trees. Didn't really take a genius to see that shit happening, but apparently, it took more than the combined brain capacity of a handful of vampires. Never let anyone ever tell you that vampires are not, at times, really fucking stupid.

Once again, all is right in the world of James and Bella when she sees the replacement he bought for her.

It also doesn't take long for the Cullens to get over the deceit and play nice once again. Well, most of them. Edward is still pretty pissed. But since I could give a fuck less about him, onward My Darlings.

James and Bella are called to Aro's office to discuss her change and we get to see a new side of the once heartless bastard from the World of Canon. Can you say Holy Hotness when it comes to a male being worried about the safety and well-being of his love? Well, I can and it is absolutely adorable. Once it's decided that James will be the one to turn her, Aro kicks out Bella, much to her annoyance, to talk with James alone.

We have some wonderful interaction between between James and Aro about our little human and what James plans on doing about Bella's future lack of mortality. Can you take a guess as to what that could possibly be? Yup, he wants to marry her. Keep your panties on, we'll get to the change. But first, there is a few more things that our author has planed for you. Like some more sexy sexy. Since planning and weddings all start and end the same, two single people walk to an alter and leave no longer single, we'll by-pass that and continue. Bare in mind though, while the weddings are always the same, the receptions are not. However, to get into that will give too much away.

Moving on

How ever does James plan on NOT killing and drinking Bella dry when he gives her eternal un-life? Duh, gorge himself prior to the bite. And of course, there is no better time than now for Carlisle to try and convert a human drinker to animals. Silly little fucker. With far more grace than I would use, James declines and heads to the feeding room where he is given horrific news about his feast. It's gonna be donated bagged blood for him because Aro said there was too few expendable humans. I shudder right along with him as he chokes down 20 of them.

Sadly, her change is not a private affair so there is no distraction of orgasm to keep her from realizing she was bitten. Nope, it's public... in front of 'Papa'. The change talk is short and we get right into the new life of now, Isabella Wyman, formally Isabella Volturi. Is she gifted? What is it if she is? Don't ask me, I ain't tellin'.

Time to fuck like they mean it... then time to train. Poor little newborn and those fucked up mood swings.

However, we don't get to see all her newborn year. We have time jump. A pretty big one too. That's alright, though. We still get to see a pissy, slightly baby, not perfect at everything Bella; something that pisses her off even more. I'll let you read that part though.

Remember what I said about every wedding reception being different? Time to bare that in mind because... we got conflict. Big one too. Seems someone was actually stupid enough to kidnap Aro's mate. They take Esme too, but I doubt Aro really gives too big of a fuck about that. Who was it? It was an uninvited wedding guest. Who is this person working for and who is actually behind the kidnapping?

Right, like I'm telling you.

This is the part that I call my review quits and leave you hankering to sink your teeth into the story. All you're getting out of me is the ending of the story is awesome and something that you will never see coming. Yes, the author goes there and doesn't hold back on hellfire and brimestone. Take a few hours and check this one out. You'll be glad you did and I bet you never see James quite the same again. Personally, I think he would look stellar in black. There is a prequel to the story called "Fate or Chance" that tells how all of this came to be and what the fuck Bella was ever doing with the Volturi in the first place. Also a very good read and also worth every second it takes to read it.


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