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Blog Tour {Review}—The Beast Within by Jonathon Yanez

Stopping by The LUV'NV today is The Beast Within blog tour, organized by Reading Addiction Blog Tours.
We got the pleasure to read and review this fantastic YA Paranormal novel, and you can enter to win an eBook copy!

The Beast Within
by Jonation Yanez
Book #1 of The Elite series
Publication: March 22nd 2013 by Limitless Publishing
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal | Urban Fantasy

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Once eighteen-year-old Connor Moore stumbles across an almost human species, he is faced with history’s darkest secret, a daunting future, and a love life he can’t even begin to explain.

Concealed throughout the pages of time, there has been a powerful race of human-like creatures manipulating mankind. This Elite race is made up of five ruling families, who have obeyed The Law and remained content to keep their identities a mystery. Now after centuries of secrecy, an ancient foe is forcing them out of hiding.

When a dark-haired mystery woman named Laren crosses Connor’s path his life is turned upside down. Soon Connor is taken on a heart-pounding journey that leads to a startling discovery of who he really is and a daunting future of what he is to become.

The Beast Within  took me by surprise in the BEST sort of way. Although it's tagged as YA Paranormal, I found it leaned more toward New Adult because of its mature characters, plot, and writing style.

Connor Moore is a refreshing swoon-worthy male protagonist—genuinely caring, level-headed, and made even sexier because of his attitude. He knows his priorities, handles them and any situation thrown at him with grace, while still being a man. A respectful man, at that. There was a certain realism and honesty in his narration and outlook—how I imagine a guy truly thinks—but he was also, to the core, thoughtful and courteous.

I really appreciated how his good looks were alluded to, as well. Too often, I find novels where the male physique is described to an aching, typical degree. Nope. No strong jaw, stunning blue or green eyes, six-pack, bicep-flexing, over-the-top descriptors here. It was his actions that told me he was more than a little toned and gorgeous (and not even close to the book cover, in my opinion. I pictured someone more along the lines of a dark-haired Channing Tatum).

The author's writing style did this well throughout, actually—gave enough description, but left room for reader imagination and interpretation. The characters' actions spoke louder than words. The dialog added to multiple aspects of the storyline, with nothing blatant or already apparent said or gone into, which made the story even more engaging. I only knew and guessed as much as Connor did. Nothing more; nothing less. I learned everything with him, and I loved that. Along with the good descriptions, it truly pulled me into the world Connor found himself and never dragged.

While I wouldn't have minded more on Laren, the love interest, throughout the book, I still loved her as much as Connor. She was alluring and classy, sassy yet tactful, and she could fight her own battles. I actually wanted her. Her and Connor's interaction was wonderful, too. Nothing cheesy or cliche. There isn't any explicit sex or heavy romance, either, but that didn't hinder my overall experience with the book. That's not to say, I wouldn't have enjoyed some, though. *hint hint, nudge nudge, Jonathan*

Action-packed and well-paced, the plot surprised me, as well. I was expecting vampires and werewolves or some other paranormal race, but that's not the case. It might not turn the Paranormal genre on its ear, but I enjoyed how the secret society of an ancient race played in historical events. Their own world interwove with ours, and I was totally engrossed in it. They have their own rules, traditions, and ceremonies. I found myself squealing in excitement with each new development and reveal.

I couldn't have been more pleased to have stumbled upon Jonathan Yanez's debut novel. I didn't want The Beast Within  to end, and when it did, I couldn't believe it. I actually swiped my finger across my Kindle, frantic, the beast within me rearing its ugly head, snarling, Wait. What? 'The End?' '100%?' No. NO! I was that absorbed.

Paranormal lovers, I strongly encourage you give The Beast Within  a try. You won't regret it. With a distinctive, well-developed cast, great suspense, and an intriguing world, this book is going on my would-read-again shelf, and I have a feeling the next installment will be even better.

eARC provided by Jonathan Yanez via RABT Tours.
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Favorites scenes (out of many, while trying hard to avoid spoilers):

"Spare yourself some heartache and leave her alone."
Connor thought this over for a few seconds before he responded. "No."
"What did you say?"
"I said no. Laren's old enough to make her own decisions, and if your family is going to dislike me, then I'll just have to win them over."
Lu held Connor's gaze, and for a moment, an unstoppable force met an immovable object—green eyes staring into brown.
"You have balls, kid." Lu put his hand on Connor's left shoulder and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "But there is no scenario where this ends good for you." He applied pressure, and Connor's shoulder felt like it would dislocate any minute.
Forcing the pain out of his mind and refusing to show any sign of discomfort on his face, Connor whispered back, "Lu, you're really close to me right now. Are you—are you hitting on me?"


"I will do everything in my power to live up to my name. Whatever strength I have, whatever power flows in my blood, will be sworn to fulfilling the prophecy."


"Now," she said, lifting up a grey dress shirt in her left hand and a plain white dress shirt in her right. "What color says 'savior'?"

Jonathan Yanez

His Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
Jonathan Yanez was born and raised in a Christian household in Oxnard, CA. He was involved in everything from piano and saxophone lessons to swimming and track. Growing up his parents encouraged him to read, and he did - anything he could get his hands on. Soon he developed a fascination with storytelling and characters that would follow him the rest of his life.

Graduating from BIOLA University with his BA in English Literature he never lost his love for writing and creating. He now works part-time as a personal trainer and hopes to one day make the move to writing full-time.

Other than reading and writing, his passion is living life to the fullest. He loves; spending time with his wife and pets, watching movies, participating in mud runs, traveling, going to the gym and pushing his limits in everything. This desire takes him anywhere from skydiving and motorcycle riding, to surfing in Hawaii and various types of martial arts. He has his eyes set next on archery and running with the bulls in Spain.

He is married to the love of his life and resides in Southern California with his husky, Daphne, and cat, Helen.


  1. Thank you so much for your fantastic review of The Beast Within. First thing this morning I woke up and looked up your site!

  2. Jonathan has me Hook Line and Sinker with this Amazing story and has left me wanting more this is one series I will be keeping up with.

    The story line is great it has a nice flow there are a lot of things going on but you don't get lost in them you know exactly what is happening.

    The main characters are written beautifully you connect with them especially Conner's character he is just so easy to like.