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Blog Tour {Review & Giveaway}—Oxford Shadows by Marion Croslydon

Stopping by The LUV'NV today is the Oxford Shadows blog tour, organized by AToMR Tours.
We got the pleasure of reading and reviewing this fabulous New Adult Paranormal novel, and you can enter to win eBook copies, an Oxford t-shirt, and a $10 Amazon gift card!

Oxford Shadows
by Marion Croslydon
Book #2 of The Oxford Trilogy
Publication: April 29th by Carlux Publishing
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance | Mystery

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When death is a new beginning and love an old curse.

Still recovering from her last tango with the afterlife, Louisiana-born Madison LeBon struggles not only with her life as an Oxford postgrad but also with her budding love for Rupert Vance, aristocrat extraordinaire. One thing is certain, though: she won’t run away from her powers anymore. From now on she’ll face the music ...

... literally!

When a sixteenth-century ghost makes an appearance during a classical concert Madison attends and threatens her boyfriend’s family, she sets out to explore the dark mysteries of the Tudors, even if that means confronting their most royal and homicidal character.

Her plans take an unexpected turn when her voodoo heritage catches up with her. With horror, she understands what her fate was always meant to be.

The question now is: Can Rupert be part of it?

Marion Croslydon has done it again! Like Oxford Whispers, book one of The Oxford Trilogy, Oxford Shadows  combines compelling history and mystery with the supernatural elements of ghosts and bayou magic in a modern-day setting—only this time, with more spirits and thrilling twists, the gasping, deep-cutting kind.

Madison LeBon, a Louisiana-born, Oxford post-grad, has finally accepted her familial ability to see and communicate with the dead. Though she can't fully control her other abilities, she's ready to embrace the life she never wanted, and it's good. Her aristocrat boyfriend, Rupert Vance, now knows her secret and wants to stand by her side. Her friend-slash-professor, Jackson, is helping her hone in all of her unique gifts, and she has a little piece of her Louisiana family in England in the form of her aunt.

So when a ghost appears with an ominous proclamation of death in Rupert's family and another spirit haunts her dreams, Madison has all around support from friends and family to unraveling the mystery of who these ghosts are and the connection between the two while trying to save the lives of her boyfriend's stepmother and unborn sibling.

But as she closer to answers, her newfound foundation begins to show underlying cracks. Rupert isn't ready to believe Madison's instincts and everything she sees. Her professor's feelings toward her are more than professional or simply fascination and respect. Her nun of an aunt is not so conservative in her beliefs nor trustworthy of her actions when it comes to her niece's welfare.

And history is not as solid and full of truths as she was led to believe. When it comes to the most well-known, royal Tudor relationship, the artist of the song "Greensleeves," and Madison's and Rupert's families individually, history might have been written, sung, and perceived wrong.

And with stunning storytelling of an insanely intricate plot, the author weaved a suspenseful tale that shows history can haunt people and maybe repeat itself too, especially when it comes to betrayal, fragile trust, and love between two people of different social classes. Add deep, flawed characters (dead and alive), wonderful description of historical and modern settings, and steamy romance ... well, I can't recommend the first two books of The Oxford Trilogy  strongly enough.

I loved the writing, the attention to small details, the parallels in lives, the themes and how they all circled back on each other, as well as the new characters and how they played a part in this book along with the main characters' pasts. I really appreciated how Madison didn't depend on Rupert for everything, that she could and would go to other people, wouldn't forsake herself and her other relationships—that her choices weren't always about him, no matter how hard and painful. Even though there was some angst between them, I understood it and found it believable, considering the pressure they were under. It also made the already sweet and steamy scenes more poignant.

With Oxford Shadows's unforeseen twists and heart-stopping ending—a cliffhanger that I was actually loved—you can bet I'll be reading the next book. I'll be reading all of Marion Croslydon's works, actually. Fans of history, mystery, and the paranormal—be sure to check this series out. You won't regret it.

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The Oxford Trilogy
Untitled Book #3 expected to release early 2014
Review of book one, Oxford Whispers

Oxford Shadows

Marion Croslydon

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Marion’s parents are terribly disappointed with her ...

They wanted her to have a serious job, providing financial stability and social standing. For years, she really tried to make them happy; she studied hard, got into top schools, graduated with honors and found a high-achieving job… For everyone around her—friends, family and arch-enemies alike—Marion was the typical Type-A personality.

What they didn’t know was that, deep down, Marion was miserable. She never wanted to be a top executive, brokering deals in New York, London or Tokyo while crossing time zones dressed in designer power suits. Marion wanted to be… a ROMANCE WRITER. She wanted to spend her days in that good ol’ tracksuit of hers, in front of her laptop, popping down Oreos like there was no tomorrow. She wanted to fall in love with a different man each time she wrote the first line of a new book (while being happily married to the most handsome man in Great Britain).

That’s exactly what Marion does these days, and it makes her incredibly happy. She loves to share these happy vibes, talk book crush, fictional boyfriends and sexual chemistry with like-minded people. And because she spends most of her days on her own deep inside her writing cave, you are welcome to come and say “hello” from time to time. Just to make sure she doesn’t sink into insanity.

Her friends, family and arch-enemies (there are quite a few) will be forever grateful for your help.

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