Thursday, May 30, 2013

V Wicked Tease – 05/30

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Chapter 9 of "Back to December" by LadyofSpain **Jacob & Bella** *

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"Back to December" by LadyofSpain
Jacob & Bella, Romance, Drama, AH, MA/NC-17
Summary: An all human, alternate version of Three Worthless Years. Yes, I am ficcing my own fic. What would have happened if Angela and Maria convinced Bella to come to La Push while our boy was on leave? Would things work out between them? Would Bella get her HEA?

*** Chapter 9 Teaser ***
Hooh boy, that ex of hers was some piece of work. When she told me how he hurt her physically and emotionally, I just about came unglued. How could he treat her that way? Sex was supposed to be a two way street; looked like he was in the right turn only lane—the right turn for him, that is. And he left her before Michel was born? What kind of a man was he?

My heart sank when she said, “Let’s put it this way—after my parents found out, he just never came back.”

That sweet little boy had never seen his own father? Well, that’s his loss; I was glad to take over the role of daddy. I loved kids, and this tiny guy had already wormed his way into my heart. I couldn’t help smiling at him as he gleefully clinked my tags together. I definitely had to get the kid a set of his own.

I’d never really poured out my soul to a girl before, but I had to let her know how much I loved her, and couldn’t ever hurt her the way that jerk did. I was honest though, and confessed, “I won’t ever touch you, if I think it will hurt you. But you have to realize that I want you so much, I can barely stand it.”

Bella was a bit upset by that statement, but what could I do about it? It was normal and natural that I would want her. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t ever felt those hormones pumping in my veins when I was near other girls, but this was different. I never wanted any other girl the way I wanted Bella. It was so hard to control myself around her sometimes—a constant battle. If I wanted to win her, I would always have to be on my guard. Maybe I was jumping the gun, but god, I wished we were married already.

I felt that everything that needed to be said, had been. But then, there were suddenly tears in her eyes, as she inquired, “What am I going to do when you go back?”

My heart soared at her comment. That meant she’d be waiting for me. It gave me a good feeling, confirming that she really cared.

I struck while the iron was still hot. It was time to introduce her to my father.


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