Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Announcement: A Farewell to Fan Fiction

It is with a sad heart that we, The LUV'NV, say a fond farewell to fan fiction. After almost three years and over 250 fic recs, reviews, and interviews, we will no longer be featuring Twilight  fan fiction on The LUV'NV. The last vouched fic was over three months ago, but even before then, the fic posts have dwindled in frequency, with an actual review post publishing only every other month—if that.

It's our fault. Our fervor for everything Twilight  and fan fic has died. More than a handful of staff have moved on to bigger, better, newer things. Real life and other commitments have taken precedence over what was once a happy obsession, and sadly, we can't say we've read a fic in the past six months. We might have started reading a few, but rarely did we finish them. We haven't even updated our own fics.

So, The LUV'NV is saying goodbye to fan fic. We can't, under good conscience, continue to say we promote fan fiction when we haven't read a fic and promoted one in a long time.

We'll forever be grateful to the authors and readers we've met throughout the fan fic community and through The LUV'NV. We've learned so much about writing (and posting, updating, blogging, even Tweeting!), as well as ourselves through it, but more importantly, we've made life long friends, even if we have yet to meet in person. There is no better fandom than the fan fic one. While there are the haters, trolls, and plagiarists, there are more wonderful people who support one another in this community of readers, writers, betas, and graphic artists, offering courage, knowledge, insight, and time—not just to one another but to causes and tragic events, as well.

We have been so lucky to be a part of it all. There are no words to express how grateful and humbled we are for your support, your trust and readership, the friendship as well as the sense of belonging over the years. While we closeted our obsession from friends and family as long as we could, there was an infinite amount who hid with us, fan-girling and gibbering over the discovery of new authors, stories, and graphics, over morsels of Twilight  news and the releases, and over all the gifs and pics of the characters we couldn't let die and had spurred our imaginations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Also, our many apologies. We're sorry to everyone who submitted their fics to be featured but hadn't been. Our hearts haven't been with fan fic for a while, and we probably should have let it go much sooner. We had hoped it was simply a spell we were experiencing, but that isn't the case, and we've put off this announcement long enough. Please know it had nothing to do with your story and how deeply sorry we are.

Over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing some changes around the site, but all the fic posts will still be up and viewable. If you need help finding a post, just email As of tomorrow, The LUV'NV will be focusing on books and original fiction. If you're a fellow fanfictionee publishing his or her original fiction, we'd love to feature you. Contact us at with your info.

Now ... So long, fan fiction, but we hope we'll continue seeing you, the fandom, around.


  1. Always so sad when I see these posts. My site has been making the slow change too so I totally understand. Times are a changing and we are all adjusting to those changes.

    Glad to see though that you aren't leaving totally, you would be greatly missed. <3

    And don't think I have forgotten for one minute...Caius!!! LOL!!!

  2. Nooooo!! I feel like this is the end of an era, in a way. I also used to be COMPLETELY obsessed with fanfiction. I read fan fics probably as often as I read published novels. I would come home from school and the ABSOLUTE first thing I would do is pick up where I left off in the latest fan fic story I'd been reading at the time. I only ever read Twilight stories, as well. Now that twilight has ended... I think alot of twilighters are going to start abandoning their twilight-inspired fan fiction stories, and it's sad. I've also abandoned my story, even though I continued reading fanfic stories long after I quit writing. Now, I don't even read them anymore. I want to get back into it because it does remind me of my past, but I don't think it'll ever been like how it used to be :(

  3. Sad to see this happen, but I completely understand. Twilight fanfic has died a lot since I first started reading & writing it. But it's great that you all are promoting original work now. Best wishes to you all!