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Triskele Books Release Day & Giveaway Week!

Today, The LUV'NV is joining Colorimetry in celebrating the release day of Triskele Books! Triskele Books is a writers’ collective: story, time, and place. The collective was formed in 2011 by Gillian Hamer, JJ Marsh, and Liza Perrat—highly-acclaimed writers who share a passion for good stories, with three authors joining in 2012, each with their own distinctive slant on time and place: Jasper Dorgan, Jane Dixon-Smith, and Catriona Troth.

The spirals of the triskele logo represent the concept of their collective—author independence balanced by mutual support.
Going it alone, together. Setting and atmosphere, culture and legend, history and landscape all combine to create the rich and satisfying experience of Triskele Books.

They want to take you on a journey.

They want to transport you to another place.

They want to tell you a story.

Triskele authors have been building up to today's culmination, with an interview and giveaway of of their books each day for the past week. Now we get to help spread the word and celebrate the release party! This in conjunction with live pics, Tweets (#TriskeleWWJ), and news from the launch at Foyles in London.

Be sure to check out their novels and enter the international giveaways of one signed paperback of each Triskele book. Readers enter the giveaway for whichever book(s) they would like to win.

Good luck, and happy reading!

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by Gillian Hamer

Book Depository Amazon Goodreads

‘On the beach stood the adverse array (of Britons), a serried mass of arms and men, with women flitting between the ranks. In the style of Furies, in robes of deathly black and with dishevelled hair, they brandished their torches; while a circle of Druids, lifting their hands to heaven and showering imprecations …’

When Roman historian, Cornelius Tacitus, recorded the invasion of the small island of Mona Insulis off the North Wales coast in 60AD – the beginnings of a propaganda war against the Druidic religion began.

Two thousand years later, that war is still being fought.

For two millennia, descendants of a small sect of Anglesey Druids have protected their blood lineage and mysterious secrets from the world. Until members of this secret society are murdered one by one.

Detective Sergeants Gareth Parry and Chris Coleman, along with new girl, DC Megan Jones, must stop this killer at all costs. What they discover will shock the whole police team and leave consequences which have an impact like no crime in the history of the force.

Day 1 began with Liza Perrat, author of Spirit of Lost Angels, interviewing Gillian Hammer
Get to know Gillian Hammer
"A fast-paced crime drama interwoven with fascinatingly rich echoes of Roman Britain."
JD Smith, author of Tristan and Iseult

Enter to win a signed copy of Complicit
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Must be 18 with address. See Terms and Conditions in the Rafflecopter for rules. They all apply.

Tristan and Iseult
by J.D. Smith

Goodreads B & N Amazon Book Depository

n a land of fog and desperate tribes, Tristan fights to protect western Briton from Saxon invaders. In the wake of battle, he returns to Kernow bearing grave news, and the order of power shifts. As Tristan defends the west, his uncle, King Mark, faces enemies to the east beyond the sea: the Irish Bloodshields. Mark is determined to unite the tribes of Briton and Ireland and forge an alliance that would see an end to war and the beginnings of peace. Iseult, the daughter of Irish kings and a woman of the blood, resigns herself to her inevitable fate: marriage to Lord Morholt. A bloody duel changes her course, and she finds herself stranded on the coast of Kernow bringing with her the possibility of peace. But when she loses her heart to one man and marries another, her future and that of Briton flutters grey. Three people and a hope that will never fade, this is a story of promise; the legend of love.

Read J.D. Smith's interview with Gillian Hamer, author of Complicit
"A cracking story that never flags or sags - like Game of Thrones meets Merlin only without any dragons. Beautifully written in a high-romantic style."
Perry Iles, editor of A Dictionary of Linguistic Absurdities

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Tread Softly
by JJ Marsh

Book Depository Amazon Goodreads

"You don't attract trouble. You go looking for it."

Disheartened by her recent performance, Beatrice Stubbs takes a sabbatical from the Metropolitan Police for a gourmet tour of Northern Spain. In Vitoria, she encounters a distant acquaintance. Beautiful, bloody-minded journalist Ana Herrero is onto a story. Beatrice, scenting adventure, offers her expertise. The two women are sucked into a mystery of missing persons, violent threats, mutilated bodies and industrial-scale fraud. They are out of their depth. With no official authority and unsure who to trust, they find themselves up to their necks in corruption, blackmail and Rioja. Beatrice calls for the cavalry. The boys are back, and this time, it's a matter of taste. But when her instincts prove fallible, Beatrice discovers that justice is matter of interpretation.

Read JJ Marsh's interview with J.D. Smith, author of Tristan and Iseult
"Read this, and you’ll be desperate for a seat on a Vitoria balcony with a glass of white Rioja, a plate of pintxos and the next Beatrice Stubbs to accompany them."
Annemarie Neary, author of A Parachute in the Lime Tree

Enter to win a signed copy of Tread Softly
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Gift of the Raven
by Catriona Troth

Goodreads B & N Amazon Book Depository

The people of the Haida Gwaii tell the legend of the raven - the trickster who brings the gift of light into the world.

Canada. 1971.

Terry always believed his father would return one day and rescue him from his dark and violent childhood. That's what Indian warriors were supposed to do. But he's thirteen now and doesn't believe in anything much.

Yet his father is alive. Someone has tracked him down. And Terry is about to come face to face with the truth about his own past and about the real nature of the gift of the raven.

Read Catriona Troth's interview with JJ Marsh, author of Tread Softly
"Heart-rending and heart-warming. A moving debut from a writer who effortlessly captures the reader's emotions."
Lorraine Mace, co-author of The Writer's ABC Checklist

Enter to win a signed copy of Gift of the Raven
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The Open Arms of the Sea
by Jasper Dorgan

Book Depository Amazon B & N Goodreads

Fleeing the guilts of his youth, Lieutenant Leslie Deacon has escaped to hide in the army and the vast rock deserts of a scorched and war-ravaged Aden .  Adoo rebels hurl grenades from the shadows and a hard-pressed British Army is struggling to keep order and control.

When the Adoo bring the war inside the city, a new guerrilla warfare is needed to keep the rebels at bay and the garrison and its civilians safe.

Into this fearful, threatened city comes the adventurer Clemmie Ross and the charismatic Captain Villiers. Deacon’s world of duty, honour, courage and love begins to explode and fragment about him.

In Aden’s scorched deserts and bombed streets, duty only brings death, and honour offers no reward. Only through love will Deacon find peace. All he has to do is find it.

Read Jasper Dorgan's interview with Catriona Troth, author of Gift of the Raven

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Spirit of Lost Angels
by Liza Perrat

Goodreads B & N Amazon Book Depository

Her mother executed for witchcraft, her father dead at the hand of a noble, Victoire Charpentier vows to rise above her poor peasant roots.

Forced to leave her village of Lucie-sur-Vionne for domestic work in Paris, Victoire suffers gruesome abuse under the ancien régime. Can she muster the bravery and skill to join the revolutionary force gripping France, and overthrow the corrupt, diabolical aristocracy?

Spirit of Lost Angels traces the journey of a bone angel talisman passed down through generations. The women of L’Auberge des Anges face tragedy and betrayal in a world where their gift can be their curse.

Amidst the tumult of revolutionary France, this is a story of courage, hope and love.

Read Liza Perrat's interview with Jasper Dorgan, author of The Open Arms of the Sea

Enter to win a signed copy of Spirit of Lost Angels
Open internationally.
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