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"The Wolf Prince" by @BlackImprint & Writer-in-the-making16

Have you ever wanted to like a pairing or have pondered giving it a try, but just ... can't ? Either because of principle or because it's ... disappointing, an easy answer? Or maybe, because you just don't like the guy? Well, have I got a story for you to check out that falls in many of those categories but is so easy to adore: "The Wolf Prince" by BlackImprint & Writer-in-the-making16.

The pairing: Jacob and Renesemee.

Before you turn your no-wolf-or-Jacob-tails and run, hear me out.

I think we can agree that when it comes to Jake, the fandom is divided into three groups: the ones who don't like him, the ones who are completely indifferent to him, and those who truly love him. I wholeheartedly believe that all three of these groups can appreciate "The Wolf Prince" and fall in love with it.

It is about a dream come true, a fairytale—one, based off Beauty and the Beast. It is so well written, intriguing, and different—but with canon details sprinkled here and there—that I couldn't put it down. I even read it twice. Like most fairy tales, it starts with a curse, and the authors weave such a beautiful and detailed story in third-person narration that I, a person who really prefers first-person narration, find myself lost in their non-Twilight world of opulent castles and common villages, spooky forests and stunning, rose-vine-covered gardens of the Beast, which of course has his most-treasured (and damning) single rose.

Yet, the Beast is not the ordinary beast, and Jake is no ordinary prince. I'm not going to tell you how—you're just going to have to read it yourself to find out. But the differences are what I love most about this fic. The authors have combined Beauty and the Beast with Twilight to create something rarely done in non-E/B: a refreshing fic about what many consider an uncomfortable pairing, making them easily approachable and totally lovable.

Because I'll be honest—Jacob and Renesmee is a pair that I've steered clear from, consciously placing them in the Forbidden Northern Wing of couples. But this fic has changed that for me. Although the imprinting element is still there, the hybrid aspect of Renenesmee has been taken out. Jake doesn't imprint on a baby Ness, and her appearance of an 18-year-old is because she's 18. But most importantly, BlackImprint and Writer-in-the-making16 have me and the readers focusing on an entirely different curse, brought on by fear and a little arrogance, with wonderful writing and a dreamy prose.

"Please father, I beseech you. I love him and he loves me! Let us be."

"How can I?" The old king glared at her, the anger burning in his eyes. "That, that … thing, it's a monster, an abomination. I will not allow it."

"Please, please, I beg of you. Leave us be. Let us go and we will leave the kingdom. You shall neither see nor hear of us ever again."

She had not set out deliberately to love a Child of the Moon. It had just… happened. Their love had grown slowly, and by the time he had confessed his dark secret to her, she had already fallen so deeply for him that it was of no consequence. She loved him and he loved her, and that was all that mattered. That he was a Child of the Moon made no difference to her, but it obviously mattered to the idle brains and wagging tongues that had brought this news to her father. But the man she loved was nothing like the monsters of which the old legends told. Her beloved was kind and gentle, and never once had he raised his voice, let alone his hand, in anger against her. All they had ever wanted was to love and be loved.

She appealed to her father again with pleading eyes, but she could tell his mind was made up. The king had spoken, and the king's word was law.

Old King William looked at his daughter. Like her mother, she was beautiful and proud. And to see her like this, begging on her knees, begging him, broke his heart. In this moment, he was no longer the King of the Quileute Kingdom – he was just a man, a father, trying to make sense of this crazy turn of events. How could this have happened? How could he have allowed this to happen? He loved his daughter, and with his last breath he would protect her. The Children of the Moon were unpredictable, they morphed into giant wolf-like creatures, and they were beholden to the changing moods of that great cold orb in the sky. There was little known about them, and the unknown was to be feared. No, he would not allow such beasts to be near his child.

"The Children of the Moon are dangerous, Rebecca. I cannot risk it. Already the executioner is sharpening his blade. The prisoner will be escorted out shortly, and then it will be over."

Are you confused? Well, this is a Jacob and Nessie fic, the Children of the Moon do differ from the Quileute wolves, and the quoted text is from the correct fic. Old King William is Billy, and Rebecca is Prince Jacob's sister. That's all you're getting from me. You'll have to check out the fic to find out more.

But every story begins somewhere, as well as every curse, and it is said that "Ignorance breeds fear."

Don't curse yourself. You could be missing out on something great—like"The Wolf Prince." So check it out and leave BlackImprint and Writer-in-the-making16 some love. You won't regret it. I don't, for I fell in love with the unloved. My own.

"The Wolf Prince" by BlackImprint & Writer-in-the-making16
Jacob & Renesmee, Romance/Fantasy, AU, M, WIP
Summary: A retelling of the Beauty And The Beast tale, Wolfpack style. A foray into the darker side of fairytale mythology. Rated M for language, questionable innuendoes and no Disney-style saccharine crap. Well, maybe a little…


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