Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wayward Girl Found Completion with "Never Saw That Coming" by LJ Summers

"Never Saw That Coming" by LJ Summers
Leah & Charlie, Humor/Romance, Wolf Pack, MA, Complete
Summary: Winner of Best Overall in the Twilight Gem Pearl Round, this is the story of how Leah Clearwater met her biological match in the last man she would have expected. Rife with snark, Leah's spirit isn't broken, but made whole. Sixth in my Imprinting Series.

When I first stumbled upon this story, I did not think I would enjoy the pairing. Leah and Charlie?! They couldn't be more different or more incompatible...or so I thought. How wrong I was! LJ Summers has written an original imprinting story that is funny and very enjoyable to read.

Leah has finally moved on from Sam thanks to her imprint: the one and only Charlie Swan. It is difficult for Leah to be apart from her imprint, but she is afraid to let Charlie in on the secret. Instead, she stalks him. That's right, Leah stalks Chief Swan. It is amusing to read her inner monologue and awkward encounters with Charlie. The confident and snarky Leah Clearwater disappears when she's around her imprint:
He stopped, pursed his lips under his mustache – I never thought a 'stache was sexy before I imprinted on Charlie Swan, but I sure thought his was – and looked me dead in the eye. I felt my mouth go dry but I took a long breath through my nose to try to calm down. I was doing great, but then he did something I didn't expect.

At all.

He reached out to me and surrounded one of my shoulders with his hand. "So, did ya mean it, Leah? You and your mom taking pity on an old guy?" He chuckled so I could see he was joking as he slowly dropped his hand.

But inside, I was torn. It wasn't my mother I wanted him to see – it was me! What the hell could I do about that?

"Well, I – I haven't really a – asked her," I stuttered. Stuttering! When did I start that nonsense? I was turning into Jell-O, right here on the street! "I could, um, invite Bella and the twins, if you want. Make it kind of a deal, you know." I'd have to tell Bells what was up, too. Then, she could help me cook! Yeah! Charlie needed someone who could feed him, that was for sure... I could learn to do that. I could totally learn. Of course.
Looks like Leah has turned into a bumbling Bella *snickers*. With Leah's rambling thoughts and Charlie's awkward demeanor, this fic is filled with good laughs. It is a quick read -- only 8 chapters -- but tells a great story in that short span.

"Never Saw That Coming" is part six of the author's series Imprinting: The Mating Imperative. You can view the other installments on her fanfiction profile.

That's all from me this Saturday. I will see you next week with another completed story! Until next time...


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