Sunday, February 5, 2012

Presenting the new LUV'NV!

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the new LUV'NV!

What do you think of the new look so far? Better? We hope you think so! It is our belief that we can help better promote the little known authors, characters, and pairings with a more presentable site and a few new features. It is also the reason that, with our new look, we've made some changes to our site's mission. Well, it's not really a change. It's more of enforcing our original intent of the site to help the fandom fall in love with the unloved.

So, we will no longer feature fics with over 1500 reviews. Nor will we rec E/B fics.

Now, before you turn away and run, strictly E/B lovers, you should know we still read and love the famous canon couple, which is why we have the feature "Deviant Days." Every quarter we have the opportunity to deviate from our site's mission and rec the most popular Twilight pairing and even the well known fics. Whether we take advantage of that chance, we'll have to wait and see, but we felt the lesser known—the lesser loved—needed a site mainly for them. One the fandom could come to for those type of recs, some recognition, and a little encouragement and inspiration.

But we also want to inspire you—individually—readers and writers, both canon and non-canon.

Everyone has preferences. We know that. We have our own. If you think you about it, Twilight and a bunch of teenage, sparkly vampires probably weren't on your list of reading preferences three years ago. The LUV'NV is here to remind you that there were other characters in the series, other than Edward and Bella, who were just as important and had lovable (or redeeming) qualities as well.

We simply want to help you broaden your own horizons and fall in love again. If it's non-canon, slash, the wolves, or even just becoming a writer, we want get you to step out of your box and comfort zones, and fall in with your very own unloved. To give others—whether it's another pairing, character, or author—a chance, and maybe, just maybe, inspire someone else as well with your writing.

All it takes is one great fic, one inspirational song, one amazing idea, or even one tiny, insightful resource to move someone, to help them fall in love, or to make something great, and we hope you'll find it all here.

Check out the "About" page for info on our features, including the new, and go to our forms page called "The Blood" to spread the love and submit those fics that have inspired you. Begin with a one shot from our upcoming Staff Picks or a fic from the Lovelorn or New Stories segments to read and make that one gradual step toward something different and new. Start using Project Team Beta or Sparkly Red Pen to give your story just the oomph it might need, or apply to have your well written, under-appreciated fic featured here and inspire someone.

Let's show the fandom why we love what we do.

Let's give them a reason to fall in love ... with the unloved.

Their own.

~Your LUV'NV

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  1. Love the new look, Ladies! Can't wait to see all the great fics you guys rec in the future!