Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February One Shot Staff Picks

Every month, we rec under-appreciated one shots we simply adore. So get comfy, check out these short reads and try something new, and be sure to leave them some love.

"The Romantic" by vampireisthenewblack
Alec & Seth, Seth & Edward, Romance/Angst, Slash, AU, MA/NC-17
Summary: I will be punished when Aro finds out what I have lost for him, but I have served him well for centuries, and if I am lucky, I will escape with my life. Alec/Seth, Seth/Edward. AU.

RaindropSoup: "The Romantic" has become one of my all time favorite one shots. The writing and narration are superb, the characterizations well done, and the ending makes me sad and want to squee at the same time. Vampireisthenewblack wrote the angst and Alec's voice perfectly. In the midst of dread and darkness, there was a tiny smidgen of hope—as angst should be. I could feel Alec's longing—an underlying despair with just a hint of ... innocence, and it really set the tone of the story. I often found myself at war with how I should feel, with Alec and his actions. I want to hate him because of principle, but I can't. All I feel sympathy for the boy who's supposed to be ruthless but deep down is—you guessed it—a romantic.

Sweet, sad, with the right amount of dark, Tim Burton-esque for a Post-BD/Volturi fic, it's a must read.
(Caution: contains non-con, which can be a hard limit for some.)

Carlisle & Edward, Romance, BDSM, Slash, MA/NC-17
Summary: Carlisle's tranquility has always been the balance to Edward's insecurities, both personally and professionally. Though their love for each other is unconventional, it is the foundation they both need to build a home. BDSM and Slashy lemons.

Riotanthem: When it comes to BDSM, one of my top faves are Carlisle & Edward with the roles always switched. What I love about this is that it's clearly noticeable the evolution of Edward's true feelings for dear Carlisle. And the idea of being marked in that area of Carlisle's body is something I want to try.

Jane & OC, Romance, Femslash, K+
Summary: He had uttered three words which had sealed my fate for the rest of eternity. O/s companion to "Crimson Starlight."

RaindropSoup: All right, "Crimson Starlight" lovers, you need to read this one shot. (And if you haven't read "Crimson Starlight", please do. It's an awesome Cauis & Bella fic. You won't regret it.) Now, I know many people might be a little squeamish about femslash, but you need not fear. "Free the Woman" is sweet and light—perfect to pop your femslash cherries. It popped mine, and now I'm the hunt for more fem-Jane fics. Wonderwoundedhearers gives the witch we all call Jane a dimension we rarely see—that of a young girl, who underneath all that viciousness is inexperienced and insecure when it comes to first love, offering us CS fans a great companion piece to a completed, already well-rounded fic.

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