Friday, February 18, 2011

The Bedeviled Liaison Graphics Contest results are in ....

Congratulations, fuzzyltlwingedthing!
Your amazing graphic of Emily and Alice won both rounds!
Not only are the graphic and pairing stunning, but thought provoking as well. ;)
You'll be contacted by RaindropSoup about the prizes soon. Again, thank you so much for entering and congratulations!
You deserved it!

A massive "Thank you" to those who also took the time to create and enter a graphic:
Blue Fox

You gals are beyond wonderful! *hugs*

Thank you to everyone who voted in our 1st Annual Bedeviled Liaison Graphics Contest. You have our utmost gratitude! Until next year ... keep reading, writing, and falling in love with the unloved.
~ Your LUV'NV (^_-)˅

See all entries here.


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