Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lolita The Gothic Pursued by CareMarie

* Author Name: Lolita The Gothic
* Stories: Bloody Rose, Unbreakable Bonds, Temptation, Great Vengeance and Furious Fire

CareMarie: Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Lolita The Gothic: I'm a 20 year old photographer, web-designer, and illustrator. I am currently in college, studying Applied Communications. And I like to write fan fictions as a hobby.

CareMarie: How did you get introduced into Fan Fiction?
Lolita The Gothic: I first got introduced to them in 2006, I used to read a lot Fan Fictions related to Japanese Anime in fan-forums. Then somewhere along the way, a member from those forums posted their link to and that made me see just how big the world of fan-fiction really is. And it also encouraged me to give writing a chance, and the rest is history.

CareMarie: Do you remember the first story you read?
Lolita The Gothic: I dont exactly remember much about it, but it was a short love story. Its shocking honestly, but I dont see my self as a romantic person, which is ironic since I write romance fiction, but reading my very first fanfic story made me realize that I have all these emotions inside, and writing in the form of a story was a way for me to let them out.

CareMarie: Is there a story behind your pen name?
Lolita The Gothic: Lolita was actually a nickname my friends from school gave me. After awhile it just stuck, and even now from time to time someone still calls me Lolita or Loli. As for "The Gothic", even though I wasn't Gothic in appearance, my art work, my taste and opinions, the colors I liked used to reflect the Gothic taste. Somehow those two names merged together and instead of being called the "Gothic Lolita", my friends gave me the title of Lolita the Gothic, or "Loli The Goth" as I prefer it.

CareMarie: What story (ies) are you reading right now?
Lolita The Gothic: Right now I'm mostly reading books, I just finished the 4rd book from the True Blood series. And from time to time I would see what the authors who wrote my favorite stories in FanFiction wrote lately.

CareMarie: Do you have a favorite character and if so, why that character?
Lolita The Gothic: I like Aro and Carlisle from Twilight. They are both mature characters in the story, although one is evil and the other is good. But I like the fact that even though they are the complete polar opposites, they are still good friends. I think this teaches a lesson that it doesn't matter who a person is or where they come from, or what their values are, a friendship can bloom no matter what.

CareMarie: First off, tell us a little bit about your stories:
Lolita The Gothic: My stories mostly consist of alternative plots for the main plot line. I often wonder what it would be like if one character made another choice, and how would it affect the entire story line. So putting that into mind, i write my stories on the way i expected the story would end should the plot line divert.

CareMarie: Why did you pick the pairings that you did?
Lolita The Gothic: There are many reasons to that question, but I think the main two reasons are, that firstly I like something different and out of the routine, and secondly I see it as a challenge. The stories already wrote who gets to be with who, but trying to write a whole different story around it is something really fascinating. In a way it kind of shows you an alternative life that if a certain character said or did then it would change the course of the story. In my mind I think that each character can have an alternative ending and can also be the hero or heroine of the story if they didn't make some of the choices they did in the main plot.

CareMarie: Do you have a favorite point of view to write in?
Lolita The Gothic: The first fanfic I ever wrote was in the 3rd person's point of view, but I found that to be much harder than it seemed. 1st person's point of view seemed more natural, and while I was writing the story through other characters, it was also a way for me to get into that person's mind and explore the many possibilities. Seeing the situation from the person's perspective is much more enriching then looking at the situation from an outsider's point.

CareMarie: Was there a part in the Twilight Saga that inspired you?
Lolita The Gothic: The part that mostly inspired me in Twilight Saga, and is still my favorite part in the whole Saga is in New Moon, the part where Bella rushes to Italy to save Edward and the reader gets to see just how the vampire world is much bigger that just the little bubble we see in Twilight. The confrontation against the Volturi in New Moon really made my heart beat and from time to time I still go back to reading just that part.

CareMarie: How did you decide to post your stories?
Lolita The Gothic: The first time I ever posted a story, I never gave it much thought, I just said "Why not?". Of course I never imagined I would get such positive feedback. It was overwhelming, and the encouragement from my readers helped me to write my best.

CareMarie: Have you ever changed your story outline based off of a review? If so, what was the review and what did you change?
Lolita The Gothic: Honestly, I never changed a story's plot based on a review. Some chapters didn't make sense at first to some readers, but then they read the next chapter and then they immediately understand the point I was trying to make. I am grateful that I have very patient readers, because I get to take my time thinking of the perfect plot that they might enjoy.

CareMarie: Do any of your characters in your story remind you of yourself?
Lolita The Gothic: I think all the characters I write about remind me of myself. Because whenever I write their part of the story I always feel like I can relate to them, and at times I feel like a little piece of me goes with them every time I write a chapter. I feel like I make a connection, and when its done, I learn something important.


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