Friday, February 4, 2011

Pursuing The VStaff — VGuard Riotanthem

* Author Name: Riotanthem

* Stories: Shh…they aren't published yet

CareMarie: Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Riotanthem: Raleigh. 19. California Girl (<- took that off my FFn page). *laughs* Four things you should be aware: I'm snarky, a perv, have - as my aunt says - 'foul languageeee' and have the habit to become INSANE. I love Jasper (he's mighty fiiine! *winks* Sweets are my favorite thing to eat. I could eat 'em all day and all night. Biggest flaw: tend to do everything by myself. I just find it easier *shrugs* the way, I have pictures of everyone under my bed, especially Jasper ;) So, play nice!

CareMarie: How did you get introduced into Fan Fiction?
Riotanthem: Just stumbled my way into the community when my friend gave me a Twilight book. Got addicted so I decided to surf the internet for the second book when my saw FFn. The rest is, as they say, history...

CareMarie: Do you remember the first story you read?
Riotanthem: God, no! That was so long ago that dinos weren't even walking on Earth.

CareMarie: Is there a story behind your pen name?
Riotanthem: *Laughs* Yes, there is. It was late one April. My friends and I were incredibly drunk, and what do drunk people do - aside from sex? Well, they go karaoke-ing! It was finally my turn to sing as loud and as awful as I could. Silly drunk lil me accidentally pressed the song for the national anthem (I know, I know. I was surprised they even had that song too) but I didn't care. According to my friends, I was singing so bad and so loud that someone that worked at the place came in and told me to tone it down. I started yelling say 'You don't tell me what to do! I paid so go fuck off dude!' before I said ' OMG! My mic! Where the fuck is the mic!?" I started panicking and made a 'riot' when I had the mic in my hand & was yelling into it. Hence, Riotanthem. Our beautiful anthem was trashed 'cause of a drunk girl. *headdesk*

CareMarie: What story (ies) are you reading right now?
Riotanthem: So many. To name a few: Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson, Portrait of a Girl by Zors, The Fallout by OCDIndeed, Just Like Them by twoquestionmarks, Creature of Habit by EZRocksAngel & Lessons in Forbidden Love by xsecretxkeeperx.

CareMarie: Do you have a favorite character and if so, why that character?
Riotanthem: Jasper. He's a military man and he has the scars to prove it. I can just imagine the sex - kinky and veryyy hot. *fans herself*

CareMarie: What's your favorite kind of stories to read?
Riotanthem: Ship-wise...I'm open to anything but will read Alice/Jasper more. Genre-wise...Romance and mystery. Sometimes, I go for a good tragedy to make me cry *Sticks tongue out*

CareMarie: Do you have a favorite point of view to read?
Riotanthem: First POV. I just love getting into the character's head fully, especially when the author manages to not make a character - say Alice - OOC.

CareMarie: Which book from the Twilight Saga did you like the most?
Riotanthem: Twilight. Not sure why I do, but I just do.

CareMarie: Do you work on any other sites? If so, what are they?
Riotanthem: I may be in college but that doesn't stop me from signing up to help *Winks* I work over at the TwiMuse as a Pimp Validator and Contest person. I'm also a staff at The Twinklings Community as the Contest Coordinator & Special Event Aide. The second one came out of nowhere because they were swamped with work and I'm friends with HTML. lol

CareMarie: Do you have any stories in the making? If so, care to share anything? *Wink*
Riotanthem: My head is full of ideas so I'm still deciding which one to do first. Sorry, but there's nothing to share...yet.

CareMarie: Is there a non-canon pairing you’d like to see and is barely done?
Riotanthem: I'd like to see some good ass Jane and Demetri fics.


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