Friday, February 11, 2011

Pursuing the VStaff — Vistress & Pursuer CareMarie


Broken Hearts and Rodeo Dreams — Edward & Bella
Wild Hearts — Emmett/Paul & Bella
Fates Winding Road — Jared & Bella
Goodbye Is Always Hard — Peter & Bella
Fresh Starts — Alec & Bella + it's sequel New Beginnings (on FB, coming soon to
Also find her on: The Wolf Pack Adventures

I recently came up with idea of “Pursuing the VStaff” because I believe you should know a little bit about us—those who are finding and sharing fics with you. The Fandom should know a little about who’s interviewing them too, right? So, meet our full-time Pursuer, CareMarie ...

RSoup: *smiles* Tell us a little bit about you.
CareMarie: Well let's see. I'm 23. I have been raised on a farm in bum fucked Egypt Nebraska. I love animals as my four dogs – Copenhagen, Garth, Hallie & Tito, four horses – Sunny, Gracie, Chevy, and Zoey, and a chinchilla – Crackphene, which is the only name I can come up with, and six gerbils. Yes, I do use my horses in my stories. When I'm not writing FF, I can be found working out in the barn or with horses. If it's during the summer, I'm usually on the rode doin' rodeo or horse shows. My husband, Justin, and I have been married going on 4 years *scratches head* Holy shit, I didn't realize it has been that short. *cough* *RSoup laughs*I am working on getting my major in AgriBusiness, and yes, when people ask me why I want this major, I do want to bitch slap them. I live in a Agricultural state, so question is, why aren't you getting one? WAIT! No don't, ‘cuz if you did, when I was done with my major I couldn't get a good paying job. And let's face it, I need it with all my critters.

RSoup: *chuckles* Why did you want to become a part of The LUV’NV staff?
CareMarie: I was having some problems with the sites my stories were on, so I was looking for a new place to put them. I was also looking for something... new? Since moving over here though, I've talked to a lot of really nice people, and even found some relation in the family. *Hugs Raina*

RSoup: *laughs and hugs Carrie back* I know! It really is a small world after all! So why did you want to do V Pursuits?
CareMarie: Well I think the main reason is because I like getting to know new people. I also LOVE getting the 'behind the scenes' on stories, and finding out why people wrote them.

RSoup: What are your all time favorite books?
CareMarie: Ok, Twilight aside! *RSoup nods* I really enjoy reading Young Adult. *blushes* It's just something about them that pulls me in *sigh*

RSoup: Hey! There’s nothing wrong with that. Twilight is young adult! Is there a story behind your pen name?
CareMarie: Ha, well no not really. My name is Carrie Marie and when I got in trouble – which NEVER happened growing up – my family would just yell the first thing that came to them. When I was younger they called me CareBear. *shudders* *RSoup giggles* So once I got old enough, they just started calling me CareMarie. On some sites I also go by CanChaser because, well I barrel race. *giggles*

RSoup: *grins and begins to shake* CareBear, how did you discover Fan Fiction in the first place?
CareMarie: *raises eyebrow at Raina* Oh man. I actually can't remember what brought me over. *Thinks* I think after I read the books – multiple times – I went online and wanted to see if there was anything more. I ended up stumbling upon, and I have been hooked since then.

RSoup: Do you remember the first Fan Fic you read?
CareMarie: I'm pretty sure it was Baby Blues by BellaCullen884 – I didn't register the fact that I could pick anyone other than Edward- *sigh* What a dork I was *laughs* The first story I read that was NC was Journey To The Sun.

RSoup: I didn’t know that either until about six months in. Okay, so I know being a Vistress for The LUV’NV can be really time consuming, but are you currently reading any fics?
CareMarie: Oh yeah! *sigh and gets the list* *RSoup chuckles*
Unfathomable Bonds by Zaytyll, Hit and Run by Lifelesslyndsey, Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar, White Blank Page by beavoicenotanecho, Art School Confidential by Farkle, and In Love and War by RaindropSoup *Looks pointly at RSoup* Update woman! *RSoup grins*

There's so many more I could probably write a book. Check out my FF profile, if there on my Fav list, it's worth reading! *giggles*

RSoup: What are your top five favorite fics?
CareMarie: *Thinks* Why did ya have to put me on the spot *giggles* There's so MANY great stories out there. *Hides* I'd have to place these ones as my top stories
- Boarders by beavoicenotanecho
- White Blank Page by beavoicenotanecho
- Forbidden Fruit by Mistress McCarty AKA Sam
- Shadowboxer by nobloodnofoul
- A Stable Romance by Iadorpugs

RSoup: Do you have a favorite pairing? *Rips a piece of paper and balls it up, waiting for her to say Jasper and Bella*
CareMarie: *giggles* Well, while I do like Jasper/Bella stories, I can honestly say I like any story that isn't Bella/Edward. In the Twilight Saga, Edward came off to me as a cocky prick. He controlled everything, and I just hated it! I enjoy imprint stories with Bella, or Emmett, or Jasper.

RSoup: I thought the same thing about Edward in the saga! A lot of Fan Fiction is, sadly – or maybe fortunately – *laughs* just as good, if not better, than the saga. Is there a pairing you’d like to see, yet is barely done or completely non-existent?
CareMarie: Man I'm not sure. I love how ballsy Lifelesslyndsey was with a Bella/Alistar in Hit and Run. I think with Bella I'd like to see her more with people that are barely mentioned in the series. S. Meyer left a lot of characters open with no background. It would be cool to see what people see that those characters backgrounds.

RSoup: *nods eagerly* It definitely would be. *Looks at Fandom* And it’s part of the point of The LUV’NV. *chuckles* Do you have a favorite POV to write in?
CareMarie: No, not really. In most of my stories, I do every other chapter in a POV. I'm sure if I wasn't as mouthy, or cuss all the time, I probably wouldn't feel comfortable with writing in a males POV. But eh, I am mouthy, and I do cuss a lot.

RSoup: *throws her head back and laughs* Not as bad as me! Who is your favorite character from the saga?
CareMarie: *Scratches head* That's another tuffy. I would say Bella, but I thought in the saga she really needed to grow some balls and stand the fuck up to Edward. *RSoup nods* I would say Edward, but as I said before, I think he's just a cocky prick. I do however love the wolves! The way Embry and Jared banter back and forth, plus the eye candy don't hurt anything.*winks*

RSoup: What inspired you to actually write and post a fan fic?
CareMarie: I guess there's not many 'horse/western' stories out there and I just wanted to see more.

RSoup: Tell us a little bit about your stories.
CareMarie: *Stretches fingers* Broken Hearts and Rodeo Dreams is actually the first story I wrote. Again, I mainly wrote it because there isn't many horse stories out there.
With Fresh Starts, the idea actually came to me when one of my friends said that Alec was hot. I actually looked at him – outside of the movies – and agreed with her. So I just sat down and started writing. Fresh Starts is what I came up with and many have asked for a sequel. Am I going to give one you ask... The answer is... *drum roll* Yes I am going to write a sequel. It's called New Beginnings, and can, as of right now, only be found on Facebook. I haven't put up the first chapter yet.
Fates Winding Road is, totally not going to lie, my baby. I wanted to see Bella in an imprint story and I sat down and looked at the wolves. For some reason Jared just jumped out at me. It don't give much of his history in the saga, so I didn't have to 'make' him a certain way.
Wild Hearts is another horse story of mine. It is an A/H story of Bella growing up on a ranch, and where her life is going to lead her.
Goodbye Is Always Hard is going to be another baby of mine. It's a Peter/Bella story. It shows how underage drinking can, in fact, impact lives of those around you.

RSoup: Many authors write what they know, do any of your characters resemble yourself, or remind you of a specific time in your life?
CareMarie: Yes. Both Broken Hearts and Rodeo Dreams and Wild Hearts are the rodeo/ horse side of my life. The feeling in those stories, from the freedom of running on a horse, to getting thrown straight on your ass, those are all the true feelings I feel. And if anyone has ever got thrown from a horse, you sure as fuck know it hurts like hell!
Now onto Fates Winding Road, *sigh* most of the events in that story are true and have happened in my life. I actually had a reader mail me telling me that the way that I described the feeling, the way I described the way the world was pretty much tilting, she said that I really did my research. My response to her, the only research I did on anything in that story, is from real life. I have been told that once you start reading Fates Winding Road, you can't stop reading it until you hit the end. I made it so the preface really brings you to where you just want to read more.

RSoup: Sometimes, as authors, when we’re finished writing a fic, we look back and wish we did something different. How do you feel about the way your fics turned out?
CareMarie: Well I only have two that are finished, and I can say that with BH&RD being my first, I wouldn't change a damn thing about it. That's how I got my writing style, so why would I change it? Fresh Starts, I wish I wouldn't have 'rushed' the endin', but hey! So is life.

RSoup: *nods* Do you have any ideas for your Fresh Starts sequel that you’re willing to share?
CareMarie: I have no idea how that's going to go since I haven't started it *giggles* I do know that with the Volturi and Wolves involved, theres going to be lots of drama. I do have another story that has been rolling around in my head since before I even started writing FF. My best friend is actually pushing me to start it – according to her – a year ago. Apparently, she thinks my life is interesting, and wants me to write a 'life story' and place it into Twilight World. If I do move forward with it – pretty sure I will – all I gotta say is, hang on fucking tight. It's gonna be one hell of a fucking ride!

RSoup: *laughs* Do you read extra citrusy fics? *scrunches her face and giggles* Is citrusy even a word?
CareMarie: *Giggles* We'll say it is because, well it's us so why fucking not? Yes, I do, and yes, I fucking love them! Authors have some fucking balls to write those scenes and place them out there for all to see!

RSoup: How do feel about fics with BDSM?
CareMarie: *Giggles* Well, go through my fav's list on FF. I'm sure you'll find about four or five, maybe more BDSM stories on there. So I guess, I don't mind them?

RSoup: Such a smart ass. *chuckles* Could you write a story with BDSM?
CareMarie: Well um, *blush* I usually write what I know, and I gotta no clue about BDSM. Hell my 'lemons' should probably be considered oranges *chuckles*

RSoup: *Laughs and immediately chokes on her coffee* Okay, let’s finish off with your favorite sex position. *Grins*
CareMarie: Hmm real life or story wise?
RSoup: *giggles and raises a brow* Both.
CareMarie: *Giggles and blushes* Story wise, hell anything will work ‘cuz after all we can make them suckers as fucking flexible as we want! Real life... I'm a cowgirl... so wouldn't you like to know. *winks and bows* Yes, yes I went there.

RSoup: *chokes again and wipes her shirt. Stands laughing and hugs Carrie* Thank you, Carrie, for doing an interview and being my SIC, here at The LUV’NV!
CareMarie: *Hugs RSoup* No, thank you!