Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Stories from Featured Authors

Check out the new fics from V featured authors that you might have missed .

"Breaking Free" by mama4dukes

Jasper & Bella, Romance/Friendship, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: Can people start anew after being abandoned by the ones who supposedly loved them? Bella & Jasper build new lives for themselves after being torn asunder by Edward & Alice. But what happens when they run into each other? Will they give love a chance?

"Just Breath" by dirtybrat

Carlisle & Bella, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: "Welcome home, darling." is just the beginning. Breath play, BDSM, orgasm denial. **A Remember When This Was Fun Entry**

"The Thrill of the Hunt" by Arianna-Janae

Tanya & Edward, Drama/Romance, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: A challenge, a hunt, and a lesson. Edward flees the call of Bella's blood only to succumb to another call. Will a simple lesson turn into a dream fulfilled? Will a chance encounter be something more? Tanya&Edward, AU. Canon lovers be warned.

"Divided" by forthelongestday

Peter & Bella, Drama/Romance, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." — Carl Gustav Jung / Eclipse AU

"Set Fire to the Rain" by idealskeptic

Alice & Jasper, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, T, One Shot
Summary: Alice is completely convinced that she's damaged goods & not worthy of anything good in life. Jasper begs to differ. With the help of his brother and sister-in-law, Carlisle and Esme, he works to convince Alice that she's worthy of love - with him.

Summary: For their first Christmas together, Carlisle gives Edward a journal. This is the beginnings of that journal. Incomplete.

"Flowers for a Ghost" by LJ Summers

Edward & Bella, Supernatural/Angst, T, One Shot
Summary: "Come to me..." the voice calls in the misty evening. It has been ten years. An entry into the TwiFicPics Memories of the Past Challenge, inspired by a banner by maxipoo1024. As implied by the title, someone has died. Edward/Bella AH? Not entirely.

"Square Pegs" by BookwormBaby2580

Carlisle & Edward, Romance, Slash, MA/NC-17, One Shot
Summary: Three years after Edward chafes at Carlisle's restrictions and leaves him, Carlisle stumbles across his scent in an alley in New York City. Slash, AU, C/E

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