Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guest Review by @Kraftychik: "To Claim His Mate" by ShavehC

"To Claim His Mate" by ShavehC
Jacob & Bella, Romance/Fantasy, AU, MA/NC-17, WIP
Summary: Formally a two shot, now a full story! Isabella is returning home after the death of her father. A car crash lands her in the mansion of Alpha Jacob Black. Once Jacob recognizes Isabella as his mate will he ever let her leave?

"To Claim His Mate" is truly intriguing from the first sentence. We find ourselves in a LaPush like we've never seen before. This Bella is very independent and strong, and I find that to be amazing. This Jacob is mysterious and dark. I actually found myself feeling unsure of him at first, but after reading on, I have realized why he is the way he is. She had added a unique history to our beloved wolf pack and has woven Bella into that history pefectly. I am eager to read more into it as the story progresses.

ShavehC really pulls the reader into this world with her interesting writing style and plot points. I was so happy that she decided to continue it after the first two chapters. I have thoroughly enjoyed this story and find myself checking ff.net often for updates, just in case I haven't gotten the email. If you like suspense and mystery in your stories, this one is definitely one to check out!


  1. Love this story as well. Its just...amazingly addicting. :)