Thursday, May 17, 2012

V Wicked Tease – 05/17

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Chapter 3 of "A Spirited Girl" by mcgt

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"A Spirited Girl" by mcgt
Caius & Bella, Hurt/Comfort, MA/NC-17
Summary: When Jane met up with Bella in the meadow, she was begging the vampire to take her life. To take her away from the misery of her memories of Edward. Instead, Jane takes her to Volterra, where she may just find her future. NEW MOON AU OOC

*** Chapter 3 Teaser ***
I watched as Isabella paced back and forth around the room, chewing on the side of her thumb, a nervous habit she hadn’t seemed to have lost when she turned.

“So, we really have to go back? Do you think I’m ready?” she timidly asked, packing a few outfits into a backpack we would both carry with us when she teleported us to Volterra.

“As long as you get us into the castle, we’ll be fine. Your control is quite admirable for being so new, but yes, I think we need a little more time before we just let you run rampant about the world,” I replied, kissing her in an attempt to soothe her nerves.

Not willing to accept a simple affectionate kiss, Isabella pushed me up against the wall in her room. Rather, the third room she was now occupying after we’d managed destroying her first two with our wild romps around the bedroom. We’d learned to take it outside if we both were yearning for a more aggressive experience.

Just when she began marking me with her teeth, I heard her sexy growl, “Outside, now.”