Thursday, May 24, 2012

V Wicked Tease – 05/24

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Chapter 4 of "Spinal Cord" by Midnight Ariel

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"Spinal Cord" by Midnight Ariel
Alice & Jasper, Horror, Suspense, M
Summary: NWB sequel. A mysterious illness breaks out. Zombies are on the loose, & Jasper is summoned to help. Why are vampires needed to fight zombies? Come on a journey filled with rotting flesh & warring covens. This is not your typical zombie me.

*** Chapter 4 Teaser ***
The newborns couldn’t help themselves, really. So little self-control in the beginning. They acted merely on rage—and hunger.

An invisible whirlwind surrounded the empath. He steeled himself. Anger, aggression, confusion, and the ever-present newborn bloodlust flooded the space. He crouched as they came at him. Piercing, fierce growls were directed at any newborn that got too close. There was no room for error. No room for the Jasper his family knew. He either controlled the newborns or lost his head.

It wasn’t long before a large male in a faded flannel shirt decided a change in management was in order.

Jasper saw him coming and waited.

Time for lesson one.

The newborn charged straight ahead. The Major could have easily leaped out of the way. However, this was not only about self-preservation. This was about showing who was in charge. He roared as he took hold of the first arm to come his way. With a move perfected long ago, he pulled the newborn over his head and slammed him to the ground. The newborn hopped to his feet, retreated several yards, and then began to growl in defiance.

The Major couldn’t be bothered at the moment. He was far too busy deflecting the attacks of the others. In fact, Scott and Emmett were just as busy.

Blackness identical to that of the worst years of Jasper’s life took residence in his chest as he threw off one newborn after another. He had no choice but to embrace the very nature he had fought so hard to lock away. The task ahead of him demanded it. He spared only a moment to notice how easily he slipped back into the role.